Black Ice Software - Document Imaging SDK 13.15 is released!
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Document Imaging SDK 13.15 is released!
Document Imaging version 13.15 is released!
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The Document Imaging SDK’s latest release now includes new PDF features for developers to Create Searchable PDFs. The new function enables developers to save Tiff documents, faxes, and scanned non-editable PDF documents in searchable PDF format.

Black Ice Software has also implemented this powerful and useful technology in the most recent TIFF Viewer Pro which now includes an essential new feature to save Tiff and scanned non-editable PDF documents in searchable PDF format.

The Document Imaging SDK uses OCR technology to capture the text from the document, create a text overlay on the background image, and turn the documents into searchable PDFs with selectable text.

Many invoicing, medical, and legal applications intentionally create non-editable PDFs to preserve the document integrity. Users of these PDFs cannot select and copy text from these documents like invoice numbers or patient names. With the latest Document Imaging SDK developers can incorporate the ability for users to select text on the PDF and copying text like invoice numbers or patient names easily and seamlessly.

Also included in this release is the the Document Imaging SDK new sample application “Annotation DLL Wrapper C# Sample” with a wrapper DLL to call C++ libraries to help .NET developers reduce development time and simplify development.

The new wrapper DLL files serves as a quick way to import the required functions from their respective C++ libraries as opposed to separately importing each required function from a DLL. Each wrapper DLL houses a single class that stores all its functions for the given DLL.

The Wrapper DLLs source code is available for customers with valid support contracts upon request. Don’t hold valid support? Email to reinstate your Document Imaging SDK support contract to receive the most recent version.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Document Imaging includes the following:

DATE: 11-17-2023
Version: 13.15 (revision: 992)

  • Added C# Wrapper DLLs (#16887)
  • Added BiStruct Structure library (#16925)
  • Added Annotation Sample projects for C# Wrapper DLLs (#16922)
  • Annotation - Added AnnoGetObjectCount and AnnoGetObjectCountOnPage functions for retrieving the annotation object count (#16778, #16780, #16781)
  • Annotation - Fixed annotation multi-selection in the Annotation DLL C# Sample and Annotation DLL Wrapper C# Sample (#15160)
  • Annotation - Fixed saving pop-up for non-existent annotations issues in VB Samples (#16777)
  • Annotation - Fixed redundant annotation change issues in C++ Samples (#15162)

DATE: 09-21-2023
Version: 13.12 (revision: 980)

  • Added the “Searchable PDF – OCR” file format to the Document Imaging SDK samples (#16753, #16754, #16756)

DATE: 07-12-2023
Version: 13.11 (revision: 978)

  • Added license agreements of third-party components (#16520)

DATE: 06-08-2023
Version: 13.10 (revision: 975)

  • TIFF – Improved palette handling for 8-bit color and grayscale images (#16462)
  • TIFF – Stability improvement for opening certain color TIFF files containing an incorrect Photometric Interpretation tag (#16208)
  • TIFF – Stability improvement for opening TIFF files using JPEG compression type 6 with missing JPEG tags (#16480, #16481)
  • TIFF – Stability improvement for opening JPEG compressed TIFF files with invalid Bits Per Sample tags (#16515)
  • Created ActiveX controls for legacy programming languages that do not support 64-bit integers (E.g.: VB6, FoxPro) (#16256)
  • Removed the redundant gdiplus.dll from the installers (#16434)

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