Print2Email version 10.06 is released!
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Black Ice Software - October 13, 2016

Print2Email version 10.06 is released!

New features for 911 Notification and Emergency Alert services! Now create Contact Groups allowing users to quickly broadcast emails to specific groups of recipients!

Black Ice Software has released version 10.06 of the Print2Email. The latest version of Print2Email includes new features idle for 911 notifications and for emergency alert services to send out a large number of emails to specific groups with a single click.

Version 10.06 of Print2Email includes a new Contact Groups feature for the Address Book, which can be used to group multiple contacts and email address from the Address Book into one Contact Group.

The Contacts Groups can be assign to a specific Task Printer, this enables users to send 911 notifications or alerts with a single click! Saving vital time in an emergency situation.

Try Print2Email 10.06 Now! Try Print2Email 10.06 Now!

The latest Print2Email includes stability improvements for uninstalling the Print2Email and minor user interface enhancements to improve the user's experience.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email include the following:

  • Added Contact Group option to Address Book
  • Added new feature to send emails to Contact Groups
  • Stability improvements for uninstalling the Print2Email
  • Added "Tool Tips" to the user interface to improve the Users experience.
  • Moved the "Turn off Outlook Security Alert popup window" option from General tab to Email Provider tab
  • Implemented CTRL+A hotkey to select all contacts
  • Minor user interface improvements for using Email settings
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 14.71.1555
  • Updated Auto-print to version 14.71.361
  • Removed the Document Conversion without email feature
  • Enabled the following special characters in the email addresses: !#$%&'*+-/=?^_`{|}~

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