Black Ice Software - BiBatchConverter 5.60 is released!
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Black Ice Software
BiBatchConverter 5.60 is released!
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Black Ice Software's latest release of the BiBatchConverter Version 5.60 includes significant new improvements to monitoring and converting documents from a cloud directory such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Storing documents on cloud services has become much more popular as they allow users to access their files from anywhere. The BiBatchConverter offers a simple solution to monitor and convert documents from a cloud directory on OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The processed documents can be moved to another directory while even maintaining the folder structure in the new directory. The BiBatchConverter can monitor cloud directories and automatically convert any new documents without any user interaction.

The most common use case scenarios would be organizations that are sharing directions/folders in the cloud and require the shared documents to be converted to either PDF or Tiff files. Another common use case would be for organizations that only allow users to only store files on cloud services and prevent local storage of files for security purposes.

In addition to the improved handling of cloud directories, there have also been many new improvements, optimizations, and error handling added to the BiBatchConverter.

  • faster start-up of conversion: The batch conversion now starts in less than 10 seconds whereas previously some instances took 40-60 seconds to start.
  • Starting and Stopping window services are now optimized for easy usability. This was accomplished by removing some cumbersome steps.
  • Monitoring multiple folders with different conversion configurations (profiles) is now faster.
  • Better managed parallel conversion and Updated Printer Drivers for improved performance and accuracy.

The complete list of improvements in the latest BiBatchConverter includes the following:

DATE: 09-26-2022
Version: 5.60 (revision: 836)

  • Improved startup speed for the BiBatchConverter Service (#15686, #15689, #15687)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Install Service dialog in the BiBatchConverter Service Manager (#15694, #15733)
  • Stability improvement for monitoring OneDrive folders using the BiBatchConverter Service (#15590)
  • Stability improvement for monitoring Google Drive folders using the BiBatchConverter Service (#15712)
  • Stability improvement for monitoring Dropbox folders using the BiBatchConverter Service (#15715)
  • Stability improvement for the BiBatchConverter Service converting files multiple times when using multiple threads and the “10-second timer” option is turned on (#15714)
  • Performance improvements for creating profiles (#15688)
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 17.12.2891:
  • Added support for opening TIFF and PDF documents generated in memory in the Black Ice Tiff Viewer without writing the files to disk (#15408)
  • Stability improvement for loading HTTP upload settings from profiles that were generated with older printer drivers (version 16.95 or older) (#15506)
  • Removed line separator from the HTTP uploader log files (#15513)
  • Added option to prompt the user for PDF password during printing (#15552)
  • User interface improvements for the PDF encryption settings (#15612)
  • Improved error handling when uploading documents using HTTP or HTTPS (#15005, #15519)
  • Improved logging in the HTTP/HTTPS uploader utility (#15518)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the custom file naming (#15646)
  • Added the Product Name to the evaluation period expiration dialog (#15706)
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 17.12.2886:
  • Added the product name to the Manual Registration dialog (#15707)

DATE: 09-09-2022
Version: 5.55 (revision: 817)

  • Moved the “Number of used CPU core(s)” option to the Configuration window in the BiBatchConverter Service Manager (#15663)
  • Removed the “Apply” option from the BiBatchConverter Service Manager user interface (#15666)
  • Added BiBatchConverter Service installation and uninstallation information to the BiBatchConverter Service Manager log file (#15667)
  • Disabled the Configuration option if the File Conversion is running in the BiBatchConverter Service Manager (#15669)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the BiBatchConverter Service Manager (#15680, #15679, #15677)

DATE: 09-02-2022
Version: 5.51 (revision: 814)

  • Improved exception handling in the BiBatchConverter Service (#15576)
  • The BiBatchConverter Service writes the Windows version in the log file(#15634)
  • Stability improvement for the BiBatchConverter Desktop application not starting on certain systems with non-US date formats (#15644)

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