Print2Email version 10.02 is released!
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Black Ice Software - July 26, 2016

Print2Email version 10.02 is released!

New Task Emails feature to create predefined email configurations for frequently used email addresses!

Black Ice Software has released version 10.02 of the Print2Email. The new version of Print2Email includes new Task Emails feature, allowing the creation of new printers with predefined email settings.

By using the Task Emails the user can create separate printers with pre-defined emails for routine tasks without having to repeat email configuration steps each time. The user can create as many Task Emails as necessary.

Try Print2Email 10.02 Now! Try Print2Email 10.02 Now!

Print2Email 10.02 includes "Send email without account settings" feature for SMTP and Exchange mail servers, allowing the usage of Google's SMTP relay with Print2Email, and also includes significant improvements for printing PDF documents.

The latest Print2Email includes improved usability of the imported email contacts with Gmail, Yahoo,, AOL and iCloud email providers.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email include the following:

  • Updated Auto-print to version 14.67.359
  • Stability improvement for printing certain PDF documents generated by Ghostscript
  • Stability improvement for detecting corrupted PDF files
  • Stability improvement for detecting password protection in some PDF files
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 14.68.1515
  • Stability improvement for using the "Overwrite the existing file" and "Rename the new file" text output options with custom file naming.
  • Updated PDF Dlls to version
  • Fix for certain bitmap fonts
  • Stability improvement for certain applications that do not set the font during printing
  • Added the Task email feature that allows setting up multiple email accounts
  • Added the "Send email without account settings" feature for SMTP and Exchange mail servers
  • Added Address book buttons for Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud,, Aol. and Exchange email providers
  • Stability improvement for the Address book feature for systems where a previously installed Outlook was uninstalled
  • Stability improvement for the Exchange email provider when used with the "Ask me every time for an email provider" option in Email Settings
  • Updated manuals

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