Black Ice Software - Print2Email 11.41 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Print2Email 11.41 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to announce multiple exciting new features and dozens of improvements to help users send their documents via email more easily and effectively the Print2Email version 11.41!

The latest Print2Email now includes new and modernized text formatting capabilities to compose the emails in RTF (Rich Text Format), just like in Microsoft Outlook. The text formatting allows users to Bold, Italic, Underline styling, and to specify the font style, size, and color when composing the emails in the Print2Email user interface.

The new email formatting capabilities also can be utilized when sending emails silently!

We have good news for Administrators and System Integrators, in the new Print2Email, the Debug Log Directory location can be configured for each User individually, allowing technicians to isolate and narrow down any occurring User-specific Print2Email errors faster, saving time and money on troubleshooting.

Last but not least, the new Print2Email comes with stability improvements for retrieving license information when there is no internet connection and user-interface improvements for minimizing the Print2Email to the system tray instead of the task bar.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email includes the following:

DATE : 06-22-2021
Version : 11.41 (revision: 950)

  • Added - When the Print2Email is minimized, the Print2Email is added to the System tray instead of the Windows taskbar (#14044, #14043)
  • Stability improvement for Print2Email for retrieving license information when there is no internet connection (#14075)

DATE : 06-08-2021
Version : 11.40 (revision: 946)

  • Added RTF formatting (Rich Text Formatting) to the Email Sending Tab window of the Print2Email like Font formatting buttons (Font style, Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Color) to the Email Sending tab (#14013)
  • Stability improvements for sending Plain Text emails or HTML email with Print2Email (#14036, #14042)
  • Stability improvement for Print2Email uninstall (Print2Email uninstall did not delete the Address books) (#14035)

DATE : 05-14-2021
Version : 11.37 (revision: 936)

  • Stability improvement for displaying HTML / Plain text email sending option on the user interface(#13935)
  • Improved PDF output, fixed upside down images or pages in some rare cases (#13616)
  • Stability improvement for printing certain documents with invalid handles in the EMF data (#13834)
  • Stability improvement for encrypting PDF attachments with specific password. The PDF files could not be opened when the files were encrypted with specific passwords (#13987)
  • Updated PDF DLLs to version

DATE : 04-07-2021
Version : 11.36 (revision: 933)

  • Stability improvement for saving settings for the Local System user (#13830)
  • Stability improvement for the "Ask for the Email Provider every time when sending an email" option (#13825)
  • Moved Debug Log directory configuration to the Advanced Tab, allowing Standard users to configure the Debug Log directory (#13826)
  • Stability improvement for validating the specified Debug Log directory (#13849)

DATE : 03-22-2021
Version : 11.35 (revision: 928)

  • Stability improvement for removing content based file naming tags from certain documents (#13813)
  • Stability improvement for printing problems caused by Windows Update KB5000802, KB5000808, KB5000809, KB5000822 or KB5000848.
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 16.48.2647
  • Updated manuals

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