Black Ice Software - Print2Email 11.75 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Print2Email 11.75 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to release Print2Email 11.75 with major new features for Save As, content-based email sending commands, redesigned contact importing, and some general bug fixes.

  • Per customer requests, we have added the “Save As" option back to the Print2Email. This will be particularly helpful for renaming converted documents when using the Microsoft Outlook email client, as the SMTP email sender client already has the feature of renaming the Email attachments. Now when users want to print a document they will be prompted with a Window allowing them to enter the desired document name. This is helpful when printing from applications that use generic file names, allowing the user to override the filename with an Invoice or Document number for example.
  • The latest Print2Email added new Content-Base email commands to turn on and off “Save each page as a separate file” and “Email each file as a separate email” features. These features are primarily utilized for emailing out payroll stubs to employees.
  • Some other noteworthy improvements to the latest Print2Email include a redesigned and rewritten feature for importing contacts from a CSV file. These improvements are especially prevalent when importing large Outlook CSV files and custom CSV files.
  • Below is a list of some fixes implemented to content-based email sending and more:

    Fixed when “Enable Content-Based Email Sending” and “Send each page as a separate email” options were selected and the Print2Email did not fill out the recipient email address from the document content.

    Fixed Using the “Enable Content-Based Email Sending” in conjunctions with the “Send each page as separate email” option causing the Subject field not to get merged with the content-based subject.

    Fixed when the “Enable Content-Based Email Sending” option is checked and it did not use the predefined values of the “To:”, “Cc:”, ”Bcc:” but instead only used content-based tags values from the document content during email sending.

    Fixed when the "Text-Only Email without attachment" option was becoming disabled on the “Advanced tab” after restarting the Print2Email.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email includes the following:

DATE: 4-21-2022
Version: 11.75 (revision: 1054)

  • Stability improvement for the Content Based Email Sending and the "Send each page as separate email" options on 64-bit systems with 32-bit Outlook installed (#15067)
  • Stability improvement for setting the email subject when the Content Based Email Sending and the "Send each page as separate email" options are enabled (#15081)
  • Fix for the "Text-Only Email without attachment" option not getting saved (#15075)
  • Previously typed in addresses were added to the email sender window fields when the "Open the email client to select recipients" option was selected (#15076)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Print2Email MSI installers on higher scaling modes or high DPI screens (#15048)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the Print2Email when configuring a Broadcast List (#15090)
  • Stability improvement for manual registration (#15072)
  • Updated BlackIceDEVMODE.dll to version 16.90.2812
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.90.2813
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.30.301

DATE: 3-24-2022
Version: 11.72 (revision: 1047)

  • Changed “Use the following account settings” option to the default when configuring Gmail Email Provider (#15027)
  • Stability improvements on the About tab, if the Print2Email is registered with a legacy (maintenance-based) license (#15029)
  • Stability improvements for importing simple CSV files into Print2Email address book (#15039)
  • Stability improvements for importing Outlook CSV files into Print2Email address book, if the contact name has a Middle Name (#15040)
  • Version checking improvements in the licensing (#14541)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.29.300
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.89.2801

DATE: 3-17-2022
Version: 11.71 (revision: 1038)

  • Added the Save As option to the Print2Email (#13642)
  • Added SendSeparateEmail option to content based email sending that turns the “Send each page as separate email” option on/off (#14981)
  • Added SaveSeparatePages option to content based email sending that turns the “Save each page as separate file” option on/off (#14981)
  • Stability improvements for sending emails with Outlook Live email provider (#15009)
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 16.88.2800

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