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BiLPDManager 2.75 is released!
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We are excited to announce the recent release of BiLPDManager Server version 2.75, an LPD/LPR Print Server that simplifies printing tasks for IT managers and professionals.

The BiLPDManager is an essential printing automation tool for printing to networked, local, or shared printers or converting documents to PDF or Tiff files from AS400, UNIX, Linux, and Solaris host systems via TCP/IP and centralizing printing on a print server.

The latest BiLPDManager has undergone recent updates with many new improvements and features. Here are some of the highlights:

New Features:

  • The BiLPDManager Service now allows printing of print jobs from all queues, regardless of the user who created the queue.
  • RAW protocol support (Default port: 9100) has been added to BiLPDManager.

Usability Improvements:

  • The Service Settings tab now displays the status of the BiLPDManager service (Running/Stopped).
  • The Service Settings tab has a more user-friendly interface.

Licensing Improvement:

  • The BiLPDManager licensing model has been changed to Subscription-based licensing.
  • Licensing-related error messages have been clarified.
  • License validation has been improved, as well as manual registrations and simplified license activation.

Installation Improvement:

  • Many installation and uninstallation-related problems have been resolved to make the installation process more transparent.
  • The error messages are now simplified and more meaningful.

In conclusion, BiLPDManager Server version 2.75 is an essential tool for IT managers and professionals seeking to streamline their printing processes. Its versatile features make it an ideal choice for any organization, whether small or large. Download the BiLPDManager Server today and experience a more efficient printing workflow.

The complete list of improvements in the latest BiLPDManager includes the following:

DATE: 02-24-2023
Version: 2.75 (revision: 296)

  • Added label to the Service Settings tab to show the status of the BiLPDManager service (Running/Stopped) (#16214)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the Service Settings tab (#16213)
  • The BiLPDManager Service prints the print jobs from all queues, regardless of which user created the queue (#16127)
  • Made some of the licensing-related error messages clearer (error 35) (#15890)
  • Updated eLicense dll version to 6.35.316

DATE: 01-23-2023
Version: 2.74 (revision: 293)

  • Stability improvements for the Custom Action DLL in the BiLPDManager MSI installers when another Black Ice MSI installer is already installed (Critical update) (#16134)
  • Added the product name to the Manual Registration dialog (#15707)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the BiLPDManager (#15826)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the BiLPDManager installers (#15774)
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 17.12.2886

DATE: 07-13-2022
Version: 2.73 (revision: 287)

  • Changes to static license validation for subscription-based licenses (#15332)
  • Stability improvement for activation and license checking on certain systems (#15304)
  • Updated eLicense dll version to 6.33.304
  • Updated BuRegister dll version to 17.00.2851

DATE: 05-20-2022
Version: 2.72 (revision: 286)

  • Minor user interface improvements for the BiLPDManager when the BiLPDService cannot start (#15204)
  • Stability improvement for updating BiLPDManager with installers that support a different number of printers (#15199)
  • Corrected Technical Support email address on the BiLPDManager About tab (#15200)

DATE: 05-11-2022
Version: 2.71 (revision: 285)

  • Enabled manual registration for eligible licenses
  • Version checking improvements in the licensing (#14541)
  • Updated eLicense dll version to 6.30.301
  • Updated BuRegister dll version to 16.92.2819

DATE: 01-18-2022
Version: 2.70 (revision: 281)

  • Optimized memory management of the BiLPDManager service (#14733)
  • Made error message clearer in case of a connection error during updating the BiLPDManager (Error 19) (#14748)
  • Manual registrations are limited to the maintenance/subscription expiration date (#14264)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the BiLPDManager installers (#14792, #14793)
  • Minor user interface improvement for the manual registration (#14782)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.27.294
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.80.2748

DATE: 08-06-2021
Version: 2.66 (revision: 273)

  • Stability improvement for BiLPDManager log generation in c:\temp\ directory (#14281)
  • Added a description for the BiLPDManager services (#13931)

DATE: 04-28-2021 Version: 2.65 (revision: 270)

  • Added RAW protocol support (Default port: 9100) to BiLPDManager (#13847)
  • Updated manual

DATE: 04-01-2021
Version: 2.60 (revision: 266)

  • Added timeout to receiving the data file in the BiLPDManager (#13835)
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.18.263
  • Changed some licensing-related error messages to be more meaningful (#13452)
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.48.2646
  • Added "Test Proxy Connection" button to the Proxy Settings window to help troubleshoot connection problems during registration (#13438)
  • Updated manual

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