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TIFF Viewer 13.55 is released!
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The Tiff Viewer's newest version now includes major new improvements for cleaning up scanned and Faxed documents by removing noise or random black pixels.

Version 13.55 of the Tiff viewer also comes with a sophisticated feature to remove black pixels from images, greatly reducing the noise from scanned or faxed images. Included in this release is an improved Clean Image feature, that now supports 24-bit color images.

By using the new document clean features, users can preserve, or even restore the quality and legibility of the images, which is crucial when scanning or faxing documents. This is also beneficial when it comes to processing documents by improving the optical character resolution (OCR) results, as the image is more clear.

In the new TIFF Viewer, the Deskew feature has also been improved. Now users can deskew scanned documents using a custom angle, allowing users to adjust the deskew angle, rotate, or even change the orientation in one single step.

The latest TIFF Viewer Chrome/Edge extension comes with improvements for saving, exporting, and printing documents in PDF format. The Chrome extension has a new feature to use JPEG compression with PDF documents, allowing users to create a much smaller file size.

Complete MODI Replacement!

With Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) reaching End of Life, it is no longer consider to be HIPAA compliant. The Black Ice Tiff Viewer is capable of viewing, editing and printing scanned/faxed TIFF images and other image types, resulting in an ideal substitute for MODI. When paired with the Black Ice Printer Drivers users can convert any file format to Tiff, PDF and more. The evaluation copy of both solutions is fully functional for 15 days with free priority technical support during your evaluation. Once the demo period is over you may contact our sales team for information on how to obtain a license.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE : 03-25-2022
Version : 13.55 (revision 1922)

  • Fixed flickering when drawing new annotations (#14987)
  • Version checking improvements in the licensing (#14541)
  • Stability improvements for removing PDF file associations in the Tiff Viewer uninstaller (#15007)
  • Stability improvements for opening IOCA and MO:DCA images in the Chrome/Edge extension (#15045)
  • Stability improvements for opening large TIFF documents with annotations in the Chrome/Edge extension (#15025)
  • PDF compression is enabled by default in the Chrome/Edge extension (#15036)
  • Added Ctrl + Mouse wheel zoom, and RubberBand zoom features to Chrome/Edge extension (#15011, #15013)
  • Updated Email sender to version 12.85.1042
  • Updated the BiAnno.dll version to 12.97.920
  • Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.29.300
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.89.2801

DATE: 03-11-2022
Version: 13.52 (revision 1906)

  • Enabled the “Insert page(s)” option for single page file formats. When saving the document, the Save As dialog is shown where a multi-page file format can be selected (#14983)
  • Stability improvements for Chrome/Edge extension native host, if the extension is installed separately after the Tiff Viewer installation (#15001)

DATE: 03-04-2022
Version: 13.51 (revision 1902)

  • New feature for Chrome/Edge extension for compressing PDF documents when exporting or downloading PDF files (#14950)
  • Added Support for TIFF documents with “application/tif” MIME Type in the Chrome/Edge extension (#14953)
  • Showing the number of search result in the Chrome/Edge extension when searching in a document (#14072)
  • Added feature to remove black pixel noise on monochrome images (#14984)
  • Added Clean Image support for colored images (#14985)
  • Updated Document Imaging DLLs to version 12.97.913

DATE : 02-28-2022
Version : 13.50 (revision 1894)

  • Added new Deskew Image dialog for adjusting the angle of the deskew operation (#14858)
  • Switched Tiff Viewer to subscription-based licensing
  • Updated BuRegister.dll to version 16.86.2780

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

Do not forget to subscribe to future releases by purchasing maintenance. With an active maintenance subscription, you will receive all new releases for free! Priority email technical support is also included in your subscription. For more information, call us at +1 (561)-757-4107 Extension 3, or

As a special offer, if your maintenance subscription has expired or you did not include the maintenance subscription in your original purchase, simply refer to this newsletter to renew or add maintenance retroactively!

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