Black Ice Software - TIFF Viewer 12.95 is released!
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TIFF Viewer 12.95 is released!
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The Black Ice Software Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension includes some exciting new features!

For developers and System Integrators that are embedding the Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension into their web application iframe, we have improved the User Interface to be more responsive and to adapt to the iframe window size.

Black Ice Software added a messaging API for developers to identify if the Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension is installed on a user’s system. This is beneficial for developers, so they can determine in their web application if the Tiff Viewer Chrome extension is installed before initiating the document retrieval.

For System Integrators and Administrators a new useful feature is the customizable user interface for the Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension.
One can enable/disable features such as OCR, Annotation, Save, Print, etc… by hiding the command Icon from the Tool Bar. Administrators can also customize command icon tooltip text labels for users or create German, Spanish, French, Chinese language tooltips. The Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension can be customized through an XML configuration file. The XML configuration file can be used with an MSI installer to preconfigure the Tiff Viewer Chrome/Edge extension.

For End-Users we added the Thumbnail Only View mode, a simple but very useful feature for easier and faster navigation. This is beneficial if a user has a very large document and is searching for a specific page. The fastest most efficient way to view and find the page is in Thumbnail View.

Complete MODI Replacement!

With Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) reaching End of Life, it is no longer consider to be HIPAA compliant. The Black Ice Tiff Viewer is capable of viewing, editing and printing scanned/faxed TIFF images and other image types, resulting in an ideal substitute for MODI. When paired with the Black Ice Printer Drivers users can convert any file format to Tiff, PDF and more. The evaluation copy of both solutions is fully functional for 15 days with free priority technical support during your evaluation. Once the demo period is over you may contact our sales team for information on how to obtain a license.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE : 02-26-2021
Version : 12.95 (revision 1624)

  • Added new option for the Chrome / Edge extension to delete the downloaded files after opening the file in the browser (#13762)
  • Major improvements for the Chrome / Edge extension for opening TIFF files if the website is using credentials or sessions (#13742)
  • Major improvements for embedding the Chrome / Edge extension in an iframe on a website (such as SharePoint) using credentials or sessions (#13763)
  • Added detailed logging information and error codes for the Chrome / Edge extension for opening TIFF files and connecting to proxy servers (#13725)
  • Added error code and error information when the user is trying to open corrupted files (#13708)
  • Stability improvements for opening files with incorrect extension. For example, JPG files renamed to .TIFF (#13745)
  • Improvements for the Chrome / Edge extension to jump/scroll to the selected page, when using Thumbnail View (#13744)
  • Improvements for the Chrome / Edge extension to be more responsive, and fill the available space (#13753)
  • Minor user interface improvements for the Chrome / Edge extension (#13750, #13747)
  • Added Messaging API to let external websites check if the Tiff Viewer extension is installed (#13752)

DATE : 02-15-2021
Version : 12.94 (revision 1609)

  • Added support for using proxy servers in the Chrome / Edge extension (#13704)
  • Stability improvements for using the Chrome / Edge extension through RDP connections (#13710)

DATE : 02-11-2021
Version : 12.93 (revision 1604)

  • TIFF files are not modified when saving annotations into external file and the TIFF file did not contain annotations in TIFF tags previously. (#13700)
  • TIFF files are not modified when saving OCR data into external file and the TIFF file did not contain OCR data in TIFF tags previously. (#13705)
  • New features and major improvements for the Chrome/Edge web browser extension:
    • Added new Image, Highlight, Note, Comment, Text, Line, Arrow, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Rubber Stamp and Signature annotations (#13546)
    • Added new feature to Show/Hide Thumbnails (#13618)
    • Added new Thumbnail View for easier navigation between pages (#13620)
    • Added new feature for Administrators to Show/Hide the Footer (#13665)
    • Added new feature for Administrators to Hide icons on the user interface (#13622)
    • Added new feature for Administrators to Customize colors on the user interface (#13632)
    • Improved User Interface to be responsive, and adapt to the browser size (#13617)
    • Stability improvements for rotating certain TIFF documents (#13644)
    • Stability improvements for navigating between pages while the document is still loading (#13619)
    • Stability and performance improvements for opening, saving, exporting large TIFF files (#13658, #13663, #13662)

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

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As a special offer, if your maintenance subscription has expired or you did not include the maintenance subscription in your original purchase, simply refer to this newsletter to renew or add maintenance retroactively!

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