Black Ice Software - Print2Email 10.35 is released!
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Black Ice Software
Print2Email 10.35 is released!
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The Print2Email now supports Microsoft Office 2019 and includes the option to generate Compact PDF files.

For companies that like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, Black Ice Software now supports Outlook 2019 with the release of the latest Print2Email. Additionally, improvements have been made to the opening of the address book when using Outlook 2016 64-bit version and Microsoft Outlook Security Manager has been updated to version 9.1.3401.

The Print2Email now includes a new Compact PDF file format as a default PDF option. The compact PDF file format in the Black Ice Print2Email significantly reduces the PDF file size as much as 50-70%. The file size reduction is the most visible with one and two page PDF documents. The standard PDF file format is still available for users to select in the Print2Email.

The attached PDF file size is a very critical factor in email communication; since every email account has various limits for maximum email size. The Compact PDF file format’s reduced PDF file size will speeds up email transmission, improve Print2Email’s ability to send attachments, and reduce the email storage requirement.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2Email includes the following:

  • Added Compact PDF file format and made Compact PDF the default (#9815, #10327)
  • Updated Printer Driver to version 15.45.2065
    • Stability improvements for printing using fonts with names longer than 31 characters into PDF file format (#10314)
    • Added Compact PDF file format (#9815, #10327)
    • Updated PDF Dlls to version
  • Added Outlook 2019 support (#10339)
  • Stability improvement for opening address book if using Outlook 2016 64-bit (#10326)
  • Stability improvement for the email sending, Outlook window appearing behind the printing application (#10348)
  • Updated Security Manager for Microsoft Outlook to version 9.1.3401
  • Updated Auto-print to version 15.45.411
    • Added support to Compact PDF file format (#10349)
    • Added From, Sent, To and Subject header to printed email file format (#10238)
  • Added INI file options to disable the SMTP Email Sender window fields (To, Cc Bcc email address and Email body) (#10283)
  • Added INI file option to add the computer name to the Email subject (#10284)
  • Minor user interface update for Print2Email (#10319)
  • Updated manuals

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