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New Thumbnail Control in the Imaging Toolkit.


New File Name Generation Method for the Printer Driver.


New Fax C++ Brooktrout Install Coming.


Imaging Tips and Tricks: Thumbnail Control C++ Sample Code


New Thumbnail Control in the Imaging Toolkit!

Black Ice announces a new Thumbnail control for the Image SDK and the Document Imaging SDK products. These articles will discusss the thumbnail control visual interface portion. The June newsletter will discuss

the low level interface of the Thumbnail control and several new features currently not available.

The Thumbnail control allows and supports the browsing of directories to

display images in thumbnail format. Users can set parameters for the thumbnail window to control the appearance of thumbnail images. The Thumbnail control supports selection by image formats and

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HKEY_CURRENT_USER FileName Generation in Printer Driver!

The Black Ice printer drivers provide the developers seven filename generation methods. These methods can be used to programmatically control the generated file name in one form to another. The users can specify the filename generation method on the “Printing Preferences” dialog (open printing preferences and click on the “Filename Generation” tab).

The seven filename generation methods can be grouped into three categories:

1.Prefix and extension
2.Exact filename
3.Use document name

Prefix and extension

In this case the filename of the printed image is generated from random characters. You can specify the first three characters and the extension. The file extension will either be the default format extension or can be a custom extension.

The generated filename is:

Specified file prefix + random generated numbers + specified file extension

If you choose this filename generation method the generated filename

must be random and unique in the file output directory. This method is best used when the developer wants to ensure that files are not overwritten.

Exact filename

The printer driver generates the image to the specified filename. In this case you can specify the exact path and filename of the printed image. Additionally, using the “Exact filename” option in conjunction with the “Keep existing files” checkbox allows multiple print jobs (documents) to be merged together. When the “Keep existing
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New Fax C++ Brooktrout Install Process

For those customers using analog or digital Brooktrout 1034 fax boards, in conjunction with the Fax C++, Black Ice Software has updated our installation process in the new release of the Fax C++ version 12.14. Black Ice

Software streamlined and simplified the installation process for installing TR1034 fax boards. The new help system provides a step by step instruction what components and how to install the Brooktrout 1034 fax board with

the Fax C++.  Developers can save considerable time when creating their own product installation integrated with the Fax C++. The new version of 12.14 is available from our website to download.



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