FilterWeightedMean Method

Description         This function will filter the image by the spatial weighted mean filter method. This function works for only monochrome, 8 bit per pixel and 24 bit per pixel images. Weighted mean filter differs from mean filter in that specified pixels within a local neighborhood are repeated a given number of times in the computation of the mean value. Definition of the weighted mean filter is :

WeightedMean(A)=Mean[Repeat StrMask(i,j) times {A(x+i,y+j)}]

                            where the coordinate (x+i, y+j ) is defined over the image A and the coordinate (i, j) is defined over the structuring mask of StrFunc structuring function


Description: Gauss                             Description: wmean

Syntax                 RetVal = [BiFilter.]FilterWeightedMean  hDib Mask Mheight Mwidth MPx Mpy iShowProgress hWnd

Returns               RetVal                    LONGLONG The handle of new filtered DIB, 0 if an error occurred, or -1 if the BIFilter.dll does not installed.

Remarks             hDib                       LONGLONG Handle of the image to filter.

                            Mask                      short*              This parameter specifies the structuring function used by the filtering.

                            Mheight                  short                Height of the structuring mask.

                            Mwidth                  short                Width of the structuring mask.

                            MPx                        short                X coordinate of the mask origin.

                            MPy                        short                Y coordinate of the mask origin.

                            iShowProgress       short                This parameter specifies the displaying of the progressbar and the preview dialog.

Available values:

DISPLAY_NONE (0) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will not display before filtering.

DISPLAY_PROGRESS (1) - The progressbar will display during filtering procedure.

DISPLAY_DIALOG (2) - The preview dialog will display before filtering. This dialog shows the part of the image before and after filtering.

DISPLAY_BOTH (3) - The progressbar and the preview dialog will display.

IMPORTANT: The preview dialog will only display, if there is BIDlgs32.dll installed.

                            hWnd                     LONGLONG Handler of the parent window.

See Also              FilterLaplace Method, FilterGauss Method, FilterGradient Method, FilterEnhance Method, FilterUniform Method