Black Ice Software - 83% faster document conversion
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  Black Ice Software - January 25, 2012


Black Ice Software - 83% faster document conversion


Black Ice Software's printer driver new release of version 13.25.302 document conversion is 32% - 83% percent faster.

The conversion speed improvement applies to larger multipage documents and more significantly to single page documents. The speed improvement benchmark test was conducted on midsized documents of 100-150 pages. The improvement in performance is approximately 50% - 85% faster for single page documents.

Benchmark test results:

Customize User Interface

New API to customize the Black Ice printer driver user interface. Currently the printer driver user interface can be configured through an INI file setting to make Tabs visible or hidden. With the new API, developers and integrators can "Lock down" the printer driver user interface. Users will not be able to change settings through the INI file. For technical details please see the API/RTK online manual. The new methods/Functions are available for C++, C#, and for VB.NET.

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