Printer Driver Programming Tips
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  Black Ice Software - February 24, 2012


Printer Driver Programming Tips

Installation problems:

Installing the printer drivers can be confusing and difficult for some developers. The most confusion is created by the integration and installation of the 64 bit printer driver with 32 bit applications. To make it more confusing, there is an additional factor developers must take into consideration and it is the Installation package they are using. The installation package can be a 64 bit or 32 bit executable and depending on the installation package the registries and files are copied differently. The Black Ice Resource Tool Kit was continually updated in recent months to provide detailed installation instructions and simplify developers efforts.

Please see the Install DLL in the RTK:

Changing printer drivers setting:

Changing the printer drivers settings creates some confusion for developers. One can change the Printer driver default settings at installation time, One can change the printer settings permanently after installation, and one can change the settings just for the a given print Job based on some specific conditions. Most developers have difficulties with changing the printer driver settings for a current or one print Job. The Resource Tool Kit now provides a sample application to illustrate how to change the settings for a single print Job.

Please see the Change Output directory sample in the RTK:

Expended API with ANSI functions for the BlackIceDEVMODE.dll. Included in Printer driver version 13.26.

The Printer driver API is expended with ANSI functions. The name of the new functions are the same as their Unicode counterparts, with the letter ‘A’ added to the end of each functions. There are macros in the header file that select the right function call, based on the project settings (the Unicode functions are used if UNICODE is defined). For new development it is recommended to use the Unicode functions as this avoids internal conversions.

Updated Resource Tool Kit manuals are available on line
for customers at:

If you are customer with maintenance subscription please email or call sales to access the online manuals.

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