Black Ice Software - TIFF Viewer 12.92 is released!
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Black Ice Software
TIFF Viewer 12.92 is released!
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Black Ice Software is proud to announce an updated Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extension available in the Tiff Viewer version 12.92. Users can now OCR and Search in TIFF documents, and redact sensitive information from a TIFF documents.

The new version of Tiff Viewer browser extension comes with a built-in option to automatically redact sensitive information from documents that is OCRed, such as Social Security number, Credit Card number, Phone number, Email address and Date.

The new intelligent redact is extremely useful for users to rapidly redact sensitive or personal information from scanned documents before handing them over to third-parties.

The latest version of the Tiff Viewer browser extension also contains a new feature to scroll through multi-page documents. The web extension will automatically navigate to the next or previous page, once the top or bottom of the page is reached, making it easier to view or manage multi-page documents.

The new Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge TIFF extension comes with dozens of stability improvements for several features, highly improving the user experience and the usability of the extension. It is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest TIFF Viewer version by downloading the TIFF Viewer from our website, and running the update process.

Complete MODI Replacement!

With Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) reaching End of Life, it is no longer consider to be HIPAA compliant. The Black Ice Tiff Viewer is capable of viewing, editing and printing scanned/faxed TIFF images and other image types, resulting in an ideal substitute for MODI. When paired with the Black Ice Printer Drivers users can convert any file format to Tiff, PDF and more. The evaluation copy of both solutions is fully functional for 15 days with free priority technical support during your evaluation. Once the demo period is over you may contact our sales team for information on how to obtain a license.

The complete list of improvements in the latest TIFF Viewer includes the following:

DATE : 01-27-2021
Version : 12.92 (revision 1592)

  • Stability improvement for using the “Split file” and “Cut file” features after pages have been pasted to the document (#13625)

DATE : 01-25-2021
Version : 12.91 (revision 1591)

  • Added new feature to scroll between the pages for Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13215)
  • Minor user interface improvements for Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13566, #13590, #13591, #13593, #13594, #13595, #13596, #13597, #13600)
  • Improvements for the Chrome/Edge web browser extension to remember the custom Zoom percentage when navigating between pages (#13586)
  • Stability improvements for redact annotations, when Copying, Moving, Deleting pages in the Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13588)
  • Stability improvements for opening and saving TIFF or PDF files with unsupported annotations in the Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13587, #13592)
  • Stability improvements for opening unsupported files in the Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13608, #13607)
  • Better vertical word positioning in the HTML output of the OCR (#13502)
  • Updated Manuals

DATE : 01-20-2021
Version : 12.90 (revision 1577)

  • Added Redact annotation feature to Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13505)
  • Added Intelligent Redact feature to Chrome/Edge web browser extension (#13527)
  • Added feature, menu item to Send OCR text to the default web browser (#13530)
  • Stability improvement for opening the OCR results on Windows XP systems (#13525)
  • Added Tiff Viewer language selection option to the Tiff Viewer update (#13562)
  • Improved startup performance (#13578)
  • Updated Manuals

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

Do not forget to subscribe to future releases by purchasing maintenance. With an active maintenance subscription, you will receive all new releases for free! Priority email technical support is also included in your subscription. For more information, call us at +1 (561)-757-4107 Extension 3, or

As a special offer, if your maintenance subscription has expired or you did not include the maintenance subscription in your original purchase, simply refer to this newsletter to renew or add maintenance retroactively!

For license information, please visit our Customer License Management Portal.

*Only valid for new purchases, no upgrades or add-ons. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts. Phone: 1.561.757.4107

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