Printer Driver version 13.23 | Document Imaging version 12.02
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  Black Ice Software - November 22, 2011

Printer Driver 13.23 and Document Imaging 12.02 is released


Black Ice Software is announcing the release of the Printer driver version 13.23 and Document Imaging version 12.02.

Black Ice Software continues to add fine improvements to the printer drivers and for the API/RTK (Resource Tool Kit). Version 13.23 includes changes to the Start Application module for multi – driver installations.
Customers, who are using multiple drivers installations on the same system, could launch “Start” only one application since the “Start Application” module name of the printer driver was hard codded and one could not configure it. With version 13.23 the “Start Application” named can be conveniently specified in the INI file.
One can change the name of the Messaging Interface in the driver’s INI file, using the “InterfaceName” key.


In version 13.23 the Batch Converter and Auto-print module are further improved for high volume document conversions and better integration with Microsoft Office automation tools.

The Document Imaging SDK version 12.02 includes only a stability improvement for the Document imaging libraries and for the sample applications.

Black Ice ColorPlus and PDF Printer Driver v13.23

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Black Ice Document Imaging SDK / ActiveX Toolkit v12.02

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