Black Ice Software - MODI Has Reached End of Life, Are you still HIPAA Compliant?
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MODI Has Reached End of Life, Are you still HIPAA Compliant?
MODI Has Reached End of Life, Are you still HIPAA Compliant?
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MODI Has Reached End of Life, Are you still HIPAA Compliant?

Microsoft had discontinued the distribution of Microsoft Document Imaging (MODI) with Microsoft Office 2007. Since then Microsoft offered extended support for this version of Microsoft Office. As of October 10th 2017 Office 2007 has reached the end of extended support.

MODI is still a very popular and commonly used solution by many companies in the Medical industry. By no longer supporting MODI; the HIPAA compliance also will end for MODI products. If your application handles protected health information (PHI) then you need to be HIPAA compliant. If you are not, then your company may be subject to potential civil and criminal penalties as a result of HIPAA violations.

Applications that are not supported by the application developer are no longer HIPAA complaint. To remain HIPAA compliant MODI users are immediately making the switch to the Black Ice Tiff Viewer and Tiff/Monochrome Printer Driver. This has led Black Ice Software to become the market leader in viewing and imaging software applications for TIFF and Image PDFs. We have the track record to prove it as the Tiff Viewer has been on the market for over 17 year. With a free version and demo available for download viewing and editing your Tiff documents has never been easier.

Do not get left behind by the competition and risk expensive fines, make the switch today.

Ten Reasons to Keep Using TIFF files:

PDF is not a fully HIPAA compliant file format that also can have virus implanted into the document. Tiff (Tagged Image File Format) is a raster image file format broadly used for faxing, document archiving, government records storage, shipping, accounting, legal documents by law firms, medical records processing, as well as many other industries.

Here are 10 reasons the TIFF File Format remains one of the dominant file formats today;

  1. Commonly used Format: Most faxed images, social security, disability and other legal documents are in TIFF format. By having less types of file formats to manage you can.
  2. Easily Maintained File Format: Contrary to PDF and Microsoft Word document file format TIFF documents are easy to maintain for storage and use.
  3. Compatibility: The TIFF File format has many free viewing and editing software’s on the market making sending and viewing of this file type easy for all parties.
  4. Compression: TIFF Images can be easily compressed to a small file size with effective Group 4 compression with no loss to image detail.
  5. Editable: Along with being easy to view, TIFF files are easy to edit and add annotations to documents such as stamps, comments, notes, redactions, highlight and Text.
  6. Security: TIFF Images are an extremely secure document file format. Unlike PDF files a TIFF document cannot store a virus.
  7. HIPAA compliant file format.
  8. Backwards Compatibility: The TIFF file format has been selected by most state and local entities and software developers as an archival standard. TIFF documents that were archived 20 years ago can still be read today, including through modern interfaces such as smartphones, tablets, Web applications, and collaboration portals.
  9. Platform-independent: Anyone can store a document as a TIFF Image whether on a Macintosh or Windows based computer.
  10. Post to Web: Tiff Images can also be easy created, posted, and then viewed on the Web to streamline your document storage and viewing for a more efficient workflow.

This is just 10 reasons that many companies large and small have selected TIFF files as their primary file format. Join the thousands of other companies that have already made the right choice to use TIFF files.

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