Black Ice Software - Auto-print SDK is released for Batch Printing solutions!
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Black Ice Software - October 16, 2014

Auto-print SDK is released!

Black Ice Software has Announced the release of the Auto-print SDK for Batch Document Conversion.

The Auto-print SDK is now available for developers for Windows Servers or Windows Desktop operating systems. The Auto-print SDK provides a more cost effective and simpler licensing mechanism for developers of projects that do not require mass distribution of the printer drivers.

The Auto-print SDK includes C++, C# and VB.NET batch document converter sample applications and a Windows service for batch converters written in C++.

The feature rich sample applications can be used in production environments without any modification.

The Auto-print SDK can be utilized for Windows service based unattended document conversion, creating customized batch converter solutions and Web Service based document conversion solutions.

Auto-print SDK is released!

The Auto-print SDK includes detailed documentation to let users and developers take advantage of the new features of the API. For more information about the Auto-print SDK, Samples, Supported operating systems, file formats and key features, please refer to the Auto-print SDK webpage.

Auto-print SDK key features:

Supports dozens of file formats - Including PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, FAX, TXT, JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML, XML and more!

Directory Monitoring - Auto-print Service can monitor the specified directories and process the new documents.

Easy-to-use user interface - Ready to be used in production environments without any modification.

Detailed logging - To help developers identify and troubleshoot the issues.

Sorting processed documents - Into Failed, Processed and Converted (Output) directories.

Reliability and advanced erroneous document handling - The conversion never stops! The samples can handle erroneous, damaged, password protected and not printable documents.

Support for the Auto-print samples in the OEM printer driver API/RTK is discontinued with printer driver version 14.16.

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