Black Ice Software - Print2RDP version 6.46 is released!
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Print2RDP version 6.46 is released!
Print2RDP version 6.46 is released!
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Update the Print2RDP Server and Client while preserving all the user settings and configurations without restarting the system! Save time, money, and headache by not having to reconfigure the Print2RDP Server or Client each time you update the software!

The new Print2RDP’s client "update without restarting" feature is highly beneficial to corporate customers who have to manage thousands of installations.

This critical update makes it feasible for corporate customers to stay up-to-date with the latest Print2RDP and in turn take advantage of future bug fixes, new features, security improvements, and more. Previously; system administrators were hesitant to upgrade the Print2RDP due to fact that the old version had to be uninstalled and the system had to then be rebooted before the software could be reinstalled and reconfigured. Now the process is simplified; allowing customers to update the Print2RDP server without having to reboot or lose any user settings.

The update feature is available in both the "End-User" interactive installers and in the MSI installers. The update feature is backward compatible to Print2RDP version 6.15.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Print2RDP includes the following:

  • Minor user interface improvements for the Print2RDP installers (#11744, #11743, #11772, #11774, #11773)
  • Automatically closing the running Print2RDP Client during Print2RDP Client uninstallation (#11746)
  • Added the maintenance expiration date checking to the Print2RDP Server update condition (#11762)
  • Improvements for Update Print2RDP Server feature to update without restarting the system
  • Added the Update feature to Print2RDP Server installer (#11690)
  • Stability improvement for attaching printers the first time after installation on some systems (#11727)
  • Stability improvement for printing color text from Publisher 2016 (#11681)
  • Fix for Printing Preferences window appearing behind the RDP session (#11619)
  • Disabled the Print2RDP Server update if any Print2RDP clients are connected to the Print2RDP Server (#11737)
  • Minimum supported version for updating Print2RDP Server is 6.15 (#11742)
  • Updated manual

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