Printer Driver 13.76 has been released.
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Black Ice Software - September 11, 2013

Printer Driver 13.76 has been released!

Improved PDF Printing, New MSI Installers and improved AutoPrint Sample

Improved PDF Printing: The Black Ice Printer Drivers version 13.76 includes several improvements in positions and scaling of texts as well as background filling of objects and tables on the printed PDF output.

New MSI Installers Windows Servers: The Printer Driver version 13.76 includes new MSI Installers for the latest ColorPlus X1 Server, PDF X1 Server and TIFF/Monochrome X1 Server Printer Drivers for large scale deployments.

Improved AutoPrint Sample and Start Application: The latest Printer Driver release includes stability improvements for the AutoPrint Samples when trying to convert 0 byte images or text files. The new release also increased the maximum Custom Parameter length to 1024 characters when using the Start Application feature in the Black Ice Printer Driver.

Updated Tiff Viewer and Documentation: The latest Printer Driver 13.76 includes Tiff Viewer version 9.17 and updated documentation.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Printer Driver version 13.76 includes the following:

  • Updated PDF Dlls version for the better PDF printing
  • Stability Improvement for clipping in PDF and PDF/A output
  • Stability Improvement for background filling in PDF and PDF/A output
  • Stability improvement for positions and scalings of texts in PDF and PDF/A output
  • Stability improvement for the output file saving when printing from IE9 in protected mode
  • Stability Improvement for AutoPrint Samples, when trying to convert 0 byte image or text files
  • The maximum Custom Parameter lenght increased to 1024 character when using Start Application
  • Improved installation/uninstallation process
  • Improved installation/uninstallation process in the RTK/API InstallShield Sample
  • Added MSI installer for ColorPlus X1 Server, PDF X1 Server and Monochrome X1 Server printer drivers
  • Updated TiffViewer to 9.17.438
  • Updated manuals

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