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Black Ice Software - July 19, 2012

What is New!

Black Ice Software has released Virtual Printer Drivers version 13.37 to simplify printer driver management and configuration.

  • Release 13.37 includes new sample applications to change printer settings in a server environment or workstations with more than one user.
  • Improved Redirect printing for multi-printer driver installations.
  • Improved printing from Remote Desk Top to the Black Ice Virtual printer drivers.
  • Consolidated samples for Message capture samples.
  • Updated Manuals.

Global Settings Sample C++
Global Settings Sample C#
Global Settings Sample VB.NET
Global Settings Sample Delphi

How to Change the Printer Driver settings for every user:

The Global Printer Driver settings have important implications for administrators to change, create, or restore printer driver settings for every user on the system or create customized settings for certain users. The Global Printer Driver settings are applied for every user once the printer driver is installed. The Global Printer Driver settings will be applied to a user the first time the user uses the printer driver. Once the printer driver is used for the first time, the user will have unique user specific settings. For an administrator to change a user’s configurations, the user's current settings must be removed and applied to the new settings. The “Global Setting Samples” demonstrate how to accomplish these tasks.

The new samples are available under the name “Global Setting Samples” in the API/RTK (Resource Tool Kit). For technical details please see the Online documentation for API/Resource Tool Kit.

Download the Latest Virtual Printer Drivers
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