Fax Server version 8.30 is released!
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Black Ice Software - August 22, 2013

Fax Server version 8.30 is released!

Email to Fax

Black Ice Software has released version 8.30 of the Impact Fax Server, Fax Server Stand-Alone Client and Fax Server Outlook Client.

Impact Fax Server version 8.30 includes several new improvements in the Email to Fax feature, in the Installation, fax sending, fax receiving, archiving, confirmation email sending, attachment handling and logging. These improvements provide much more options to configure the Email to Fax feature on the Fax Server, send and receive faxes, and also provide stability improvements to install the Fax Server on Windows Server and Windows Desktop operating systems with Internet Explorer 10.

The new Impact Fax Server also contains improvements on the user interface to improve the clarity and updated documentation.

How Emal to Fax works

The complete list of improvements in the latest Fax Server version 8.30 includes the following:

  • Improvements for Email to Fax
    • Added POP3 port option to Email to Fax
    • Message encoding issue
    • Stability improvements for major email providers
    • Stability improvements for converting HTML email
    • Stability improvements in confirmation email sending
    • Stability improvement for Fax Server login to valid email account using POP3 in Email to fax
  • Stability improvements for the installer
    • Stability improvements for Fax Server install from a remote session
    • Stability improvements for uninstalling the product after repair
    • Updated installation windows and message boxes to improve clarity
  • Improvements in the Fax Server
    • Improvements in the fax logging
    • Added logging when multiple attachments cannot be converted with Email to Fax
    • Added logging when fax sending was unsuccessful
  • Stability improvements for converting attached pictures
  • Stability improvements for handling docx, xlsx, pptx MS Office file formats
  • Stability improvements on the Web Administration page
  • Improved handling of unknown attachment types at email converting
  • Improvements for the fax sending to domain users in Stand Alone Client
  • Stability improvement for Archiving to PDF
  • Improvements on the user interface to improve clarity and user's experience
  • Updated manuals

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

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