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Black Ice Software - June 7, 2011

Licensing of Tiff Viewer & Browser Plug-In has been changed in version 8.41!

Previously,  the Tiff Viewer and Browser Plugin was licensed per PC or per user, based on the LAN MAC address. This licensing mechanism did not work well wtih multiple netowrk cards or with mobile WIFI deives in the PC.

Version 8.41 of the Tiff Viewer & Browser Plug-In can be used with mobile WIFI devices or with multiple network adapters (For example: WLAN).
Note: On Windows XP systems do not disable the LAN network card if you use a different network.

The latest release also includes stability improvement for sending emails as well as stability improvment for SharePoint and improved "ordered" page printing.

For more details check  www.blackice.com/TIFFViewer.


Black Ice Tiff Viewer & Browser Plug-In v8.41

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***MSI install is available for large scale deployments***

*** Tiff Viewer supports CITRIX servers ***


New Print2RDP! Version 5.13 Released!

Black Ice Software® announces the release of version 5.13 of the Print2RDP with improved logging and various stability enhancements. The Print2RDP also now has improved the stability of the client printer attachment.

 Print2RDP v5.13

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Customers with maintenance or with version 5.10 or higher can receive a free upgrade by  downloading and installing v5.13 and using their existing serial key. Customers with version 4.9x or lower will need to purchase an upgrade first.

***MSI install is available for large scale deployments***


Looking for Imaging or Printing Solution?

Black Ice ColorPlus PDF Printer Driver v13.20

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