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Black Ice Software - June 8, 2011

Barcode SDK 64bit now available!

Black Ice Software is proud to announce the release of the Barcode SDK 6.00 with 64 bit compiler support for .NET and UNICODE file name generation and improved barcode detection.

The benefits of 64-bit hardware can only be fully achieved if the installed software is designed to take advantage of the all features of the 64 bit hardware. Software intended for 32-bit computers, although compatible, will generate few, if any, of the desired benefits when it is installed on a 64-bit computer.


Black Ice Barcode SDKs version 6.0 have separate installers for 64-bit development. Learn more and download a demo at   www.BlackIce.com/BarcodeSDK.

Custom file name generation Part 2.

In May 2011, Black Ice Software released version 13.20 of the printer drivers with Custom file name generation.

The Basic File Name Construction can consist of 5 parts: a Prefix, 2 Optional Fields, a Custom Field and an Extension.

Prefix can be 4 characters long or empty.

Custom Field can be empty, and can hold a “separator”  or use a custom text filename element.

Optional Field: Several basic tags can be used as an element of the output file name.

Extension: The output file name extension can be customized or one can use the default.





empty text

Document Name


Inserts the original document’s name into the output file name. Maximum length is 256 characters.

User Name


Inserts the current logged in user into the output filename.

Computer Name


Inserts the host name of the computer in the output file name.

Page Number


Inserts the Page number of the document.

If multipage document printed as a single file, the value will reflect the total number of pages.



Inserts the actual system date at the time of printing. The formatting will follow the system’s default format.



Inserts the actual system time at the time of printing. The format will follow the system’s default format.

Read more about the benefit of custom file naming at  www.BlackIce.com/FileNameGeneration

Printing Tips for Developers

Setting custom file naming programmatically

The custom file naming option can be set programmatically through the BlackIceDEVMODE dll and ActiveX control and through the printer driver`s INI file.


Black Ice ColorPlus PDF Printer Driver v13.20

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