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Black Ice Software - June 2010

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Printer Driver 12.52 released

  • Added Avery label printer paper sizes
  • Simpler Agent Printer configuration

Agent Printer configuration

When creating an Agent Printer, the initial settings of the Agent Printer will match the actual configuration of the base printer at the time of creation. For example, if the output format of the ColorPlus printer has been changed from the default PDF to TIFF, than the Agent Printer will also have the output format of TIFF.

Of course, the Agent Printer’s printer settings can be changed at anytime in the Printer Manager or directly from its Printing Preference, and those changes will have no influence on the base printer. Likewise, changes made to the base printer will not affect previously created Agent Printers.

Integrating a 32 bit application with a 64 bit OEM printer drivers

Customers with existing 32bit applications can integrate and install Black Ice 64 bit printer driver using the API-RTK (Resource Tool Kit). A 32 bit application can run on 64 bit operating systems, but 32 bit printer driver files will not run on 64 bit operating systems. 64 bit operating systems require 64 bit printer driver files. The following sections will explain how to integrate a 32 bit application with a 64 bit printer driver.

Applications use the Blackice DEVMODE.dll to programmatically change the printing preferences of Black Ice Printer Drivers. 64 bit applications can only use the 64 bit BlackIceDEVMODE.dll to change the printing preferences of the 64 bit drivers, but 32 bit applications can also communicate with 64 bit Black Ice printer drivers through the 32 bit BlackIceDEVMODE.dll.
The 32-bit version of the BlackIceDEVMODE.dll is able to work with 64-bit Black Ice printer drivers. BlackIceDEVMODE.dll

Installing a 32 bit application with a 64 bit OEM printer driver

InstallShield is the most popular installation tool for developers but InstallShield creates 32-bit installs and create confusion for developers. Functions of 64-bit dlls cannot be called directly from the InstallShield script. Only the 32-bit version of the install dll can be used in the installer project.

The install dll has 2 project settings: NT RELEASE and NT RELEASE x64. The NT Release x64 configuration builds a 32- bit dll for installing 64-bit printer drivers. If this install dll and 64-bit printer driver files are used in the InstallShield project the printer driver will be installed flawlessly for 64- bit operating systems. Install DLL source 64/32 bits

For more information please check the InstallShield sample available in the printer driver resource toolkit.

Note: When a 32-bit installer runs on a 64-bit OS, the 64-bit operating systems redirect the files to SysWOW64 directory instead of the System32 directory. This feature should be disabled in the install script, otherwise the system won’t find the printer driver. If the redirection is disabled the printer driver files will be copied to the right location (to System32) directory. Please check the InstallShield sample available in the 64 bit RTKs which contain the necessary source codes.

To disable the redirection in the script please call the Disable(WOW64FSREDIRECTION) command in the nFirstUIBefore and OnMaintUIBefore functions of install script. The Disable(WOW64FSREDIRECTION) should be the first command in OnFirstUIBefore and OnMaintUIBefore functions.

Printer Driver Tips:

Company information in resource dll

The purchased OEM printer driver is licensed to the company who purchased the printer driver. The about box of the licensed resource dll will contain both the company information and application name for which the license was purchased.

Install DLL source 64/32 bits

The licensed resource dll is available in the Distribution folder of the purchased OEM printer driver and can be used in custom printer driver installer applications

The resource dll and source available in the printer driver resource toolkit (RTK) is a common resource dll. This version doesn’t contain the company and application information.

Install DLL source 64/32 bits
If the resource dll needs to be customized, the source of the resource dll can be used from the RTK and the company information can be added manually.

Note: Any modification to the Black Ice legal Copyright notices in the About Box will disable the Printing Preferences of the printer driver.

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