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Black Ice Software - June 14, 2012

What is New!

Black Ice Software has released printer driver 13.36 to simplify the runtime configuration of the printer drivers and integration with third party applications. Release 13.36 includes a new “Start Application” option of “Start for Messaging”.


With the “Start for Messaging” option, one can launch an application, the application can capture the messages from the printer driver, and change the setting of the printer driver for the print Job.

New filename generation methods

  • File name generation with sequence numbers.
  • File name generation time value expended to millisecond.

Both this option helps developers in post processing converted documents.

Printer Driver Configuration

The most common printer driver configuration requirements from customers are:

  • Configuring the printer driver during installation.
  • Configuring the printer driver for a single print Job based on some criteria such as document name.
  • Configuring the printer driver for a user.
  • Configuring the printer driver for a every user.
  • Configuring the printer driver during printing after printing has started. For example if a PDF file is password protected one must enter the password after printing has started.

The printer driver API/RTK (Resource Tool Kit) provides samples for every requirement. Read more about the printer configuration options in the API/RTK online manual “Application Programming Interface” chapter and the “Changing Printer Driver Settings Programmatically” section.

Black Ice ColorPlus PDF Printer Driver v13.36
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