BiBatchConverter version 4.27 is released!
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Black Ice Software - May 31, 2016

BiBatchConverter version 4.27 is released!

New transferable licensing, to allow customers to move the BiBatchConverter to another computer!

Black Ice Software has released version 4.27 of the BiBatchConverter. This version includes new licensing with transferable licenses to allow customers to move the BiBatchConverter from one computer to another quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of having the new transferable license, instead of the regular (static) license?

The regular (static) license is tied to a computer, therefore even if the computer is damaged, or you replace a new computer you will not be able to reinstall and register the BiBatchConverter on this new computer, since your license is already used up.

The transferable license validates the license periodically, and it is not tied to a computer, therefore if you would like to move your already registered BiBatchConverter to a new computer, you can do by simply uninstalling the BiBatchConverter from the old machine, and installing it on the new computer.

Try BiBatchConverter 4.27 Now! Try BiBatchConverter 4.27 Now!

The latest released BiBatchConverter version 4.27 includes further improvements to allow Administrators to register again the already installed BiBatchConverter with a different serial number without reinstalling the product.

For more information about the new transferable licenses, or if you are interested in upgrading your existing license, please click HERE.

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