March 2012 - Reseller Appreciation Month!

Greetings Valued Reseller,

Thank you for your continued business with Black Ice Software/

MARCH is reseller appreciation Month here at and we would like to extend a once a year offer of 35% off any new Fax Product purchase. This special offer is valid for the whole month of March and expires March 31, 2012.

This is a great opportunity to inform your Customers to take advantage of the many new features recently updated in our products.

Discounts will be applied automatically during checkout for all resellers.

For your convenience we have outlined the most important new features and modifications of recent months as well as provided direct download links to all of our fully functioning demos below.

Print2RDP New Features

TS Web Access Support

There are many new features now available for our Print2RDP users. One of the new features added to the Print2RDP was simplified browser printing from Web Access. Print2RDP’s new key enhancement features simplify printing for users with a browser interface for terminal server web access.

Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) is a role service for Terminal Services. TS Web access allows users to use Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp) programs, and connect to the terminal server desktop. TS Web Access also enables users to connect from a Web browser to the remote desktop of any server or client computer where they have the appropriate access.

Further improvements include:

  • Added “refresh” printer option
  • Improved default printer detection
  • Improved printing speeds
  • Enhanced connectivity/session control
  • Better multiple printer management
  • Improved handling of shared printers
  • Easier registration process
  • Option to add a default printer automatically at the time of installation without the user manually adding printers

Tiff Viewer New Features

Thumbnail View for Multipage Tiff Files

One of the many improvements made to the Tiff Viewer and browser plug in was the thumbnail view for multipage tiff files. If users open a multipage Tiff file, the tiff file pages will be displayed in thumbnail view on the left side of the Tiff Viewer window. Users are able to switch between pages by simply clicking on the thumbnails image. The thumbnail view feature is optional and can be enabled or disabled under the View menu option.

Save Tiff Files as PDF’s

Tiff Viewer Users now have the option to save TIFF images in popular PDF files format. Also multipage TIFF files can be converted and saved with a single click as Image PDFs by selecting the Save As option and choose PDF as the output file format.

Improved Document Management tools

  • Punch Hole Removal tool quickly removes holes created by hole punchers
  • Remove Black Border tool removes the black borders of the scanned images and replaces the black pixels with white pixels!
  • Line Removal tool removes the annoying horizontal lines due to communication noise in faxed documents
  • Go to Page tool will load the desired page
  • Move Image tool moves an image from one position(page) to another in a multipage file
  • Insert Tiff Image tool adds a page either before or after a specific page in a TIFF file

Print2Email New Features

New PDF Write Module

The PDF write module has been completely replaced. The Print2Email includes major improvements for font embedding and font management to reduced file sizes, better Asian character support, as well as the significant improvements to the PDF file conversion.

MSI installer is available for Print2Email

The new MSI installer will simplify Print2Email installations for IT managers in large or enterprise environments. To obtain the Print2Email MSI installer, System Administrators should contact with your order number.

Further Improvements Include:

  • Windows Live Mail 2011 support
  • 64 bit Microsoft Outlook 2010 support - On 64 bit platforms any existing 32 bit application can send email directly, just by printing, to Outlook 2010.
  • MAPI Address book when sending through SMTP server This feature is very useful if one would like to use his own Address book to locate recipients and send an email using a custom SMTP server not through the MAPI profile.
  • Improved MAPI detection for detecting default mail clients
  • SSL support for increase security
  • Added “Delete only the Group file after the email is sent" checkbox to email settings

FileMorph New Features

Improved document conversion to PDF

FileMorph now has a new PDF write module to improve document conversion to PDF files. The FileMorph version 2.36 includes major improvements for font embedding and font management to reduced file sizes, better Asian character support, as well as the significant improvements to the PDF file quality. The PDF write module has been completely replaced.

NEW Product! Black Ice LPD Manager

For Win 7/Vista/XP and for Windows Servers 2008 R2/2003

The BILPDManager is a LPD Print Server which receives print files from UNIX, Linux, MAC and Windows host systems via TCPIP and prints them to networked, local or shared printers. The Black Ice LPD Manager works as a service and listens for requests on default TCP port 515 named LPR/LPD (Line Printer Remote/Line Printer Daemon) which is a TCP/IP printing protocol and network print server. BiLPDManager can support multiple printers, in which case, the client identifies the intended printer by its queue name.

Impact Fax Broadcast

No Need for Improvement It’s a solid Product!

Help your customers market their services and products for a quarter of the price! The Impact Fax Broadcast is a specialized software application designed for reliable high volume fax broadcasting. Based on Black Ice Software's award winning open architecture, Impact Fax Broadcast is fully scalable from a single port/line up to 384 ports/lines; and is not tied to a specific fax hardware manufacturer and supports a variety of hardware including fax boards from Brooktrout, NMS, Dialogic and GammaLink.