Tiff Viewer 11.13 is released!
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Black Ice Software - April 23, 2014

Tiff Viewer 11.13 is released!

Administrator control over key features of the Tiff Viewer is available!

The Tiff Viewer version 11.13 includes a new feature to help administrators manage and Disable Features for Users during the Server Installation. If users are not authorized to browse documents on the system the Administrator can disable the Thumbnail Browser, Thumbnail View, and File Navigation features.

The latest release of Black Ice Tiff Viewer includes the Color Mode conversion feature to convert Tiff documents into the following color modes:

  • Monochrome (black and white) to highly decrease the file size for document containing mostly text and for faxes
  • Grayscale for high quality black and white documents
  • Color (24 bit) for the best quality of documents

Full control over features Disable/Enable Features for all Users on the computer

The Tiff Viewer version 11.13 includes improved save feature, the save options enable users to apply the current page changes to every page, added several Color to Monochrome (Black & White) Conversion Methods to define image processing “dithering” method to produce the highest quality documents and enhance the user's experience.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Tiff Viewer version 11.13 includes the following:

  • MSI Installer that includes all new features for large scale deployment.
  • Added Color Mode conversion feature
  • Added Disable file navigation through folders
  • Added Features for Administrators to Disable TiffViewer Features for Users during Installation
  • Added options to save document
  • Added option to Annotation Burn for monochrome image
  • Added option for Monochrome conversion methods
  • Removed requirement to send test e-mail during SMTP configuration
  • Improvements for Loading and Saving TIFF documents
  • Minor improvements on the user interface
  • Updated manuals and MSI Installation guide

Free Upgrades and Priority Support

Do not forget to subscribe to future releases by purchasing maintenance. With an active maintenance subscription, you will receive all new releases for free with your subscription! Priority email technical support is also included in your subscription. For more information, call us at +1 (603) 882-7711 Extension 3, or impactsales@blackice.com.

As a special offer, if your Maintenance Subscription has expired or you did not include the Maintenance Subscription in your original purchase, simply refer to this newsletter to renew or add Maintenance retroactively!

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