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Black Ice Software - April 18, 2012

Installation, more Installation!

Multi driver installations on the same system is now simplified for developers using VB.NET installations.


The Black Ice Printer Driver release 13.28 RTK includes a new VB.NET installer for multi driver installations with new up to date documentation. The Multi-driver Installer/Uninstaller works with 32 bit and 64 bit printer drivers on both desktop and Server operating systems. If you are a customer and would like to have access to our latest documentation request your login and please visit

Formatted Text Output

Printer driver version 13.28 includes some enhancements for extracting text from printed documents. The new enhancements provide a better text extraction from Adobe PDF, but there are still some limitations such as no support for widechar (UNICODE). The text extraction and form reconstruction sample (Textoutput) has been rewritten to be integrated with the printer driver.
The TextOutput sample can be launched by the printer driver to reconstruct and display the printed document based on the Formatted Text output generated by the printer driver. The formatted text output contains the necessary font positioning and font information to recreate the printed document as closely as possible to the original. For more technical details please see the online documentation and download the API/RTK (Resource Tool Kit).

Command line print

In a batch process, one can print and convert documents through the command line printing using the Black Ice printer driver. Printing to the Black Ice printer driver in the command line, requires the configuration of the printing application. Every printing application requires deferent command line parameter(s). Black Ice software illustrates the command line printing for the most popular applications. For more technical details on command line printing, please see the API/RTK online documentation.

Black Ice ColorPlus PDF Printer Driver v13.28
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