Black Ice Software - Auto-print SDK 14.25 is released!
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Black Ice Software - February 19, 2015

Auto-print SDK 14.25 is released!

New - Multi-Threaded C# Converter Samples!
New - C# Service Sample!

Automated unattended document conversion is made easier with the New Auto-print Service C# Samples! The Auto-print Service C# Sample can run under the "Administrator" account instead of under a particular user or System Account. The document conversion continues even after the current user is logged off.

The latest release of the Auto-print SDK includes a new Multi-Threaded Converter C# Sample, which is capable of multi-threaded document conversion. The powerful and feature rich Multi-Threaded Converter C# Sample can be used in production environments for High Volume document conversion without any modification.

Auto-print SDK

The Auto-print SDK 14.25 also includes major improvements in the Auto-print Samples to support Unicode PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG filenames for conversion, and improvements for Auto-print Service samples to handle the temporary MS Office files during the conversion. As of Auto-print SDK version 14.25, the Auto-print Service samples source code is included in the Demo version of Auto-print SDK.

The Auto-print SDK 14.25 installer includes the BiAutoPrint.ini file to let users and developers fine tuning the timeout, delay and password protection settings in the Auto-print samples for the better document conversion.

The complete list of improvements in the latest Black Ice Auto-print SDK include the following:

  • Added Auto-print Service C# Sample
  • Added Auto-print Service Samples source code to the Demo version
  • Added Multi-Threaded Converter C# Sample
  • Added Unicode filename support for printing image files
  • Added Unicode filename support for printing PDF files
  • Improved Auto-print Service samples to not print documents if the first character of the document name is tilde (~)
  • Added BiAutoPrint.ini to the installer for fine tuning Auto-print samples
  • Moved PowerPoint and Visio printing code to the BiPrintOffice.exe helper to improve stability

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