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Black Ice Software - February 2010

Black Ice software has just release the Printer Driver version 11.02 with several new enhancements and features! Additionally, the PDF printer driver includes major improvements for font embedding and font management for reduced file sizes, as well as the significant improvements to the HTML file generation (Color and ColorPlus only).

Improved PDF Font Embedding

Font Subsetting

When embedding fonts into a PDF document it is possible to include only those characters that were used in the document. This partial font is called is a "Font Subset". From version 11.02 Black Ice PDF and ColorPlus drivers support font subsetting which greatly reduces output PDF file sizes. Only TrueType and OpenType fonts will be subsetted.

Font subsetting can be set in 3 different ways:

  1. Through Black Ice PDF Printer Driver ? Printing Preferences ? File Formats ? PDF Settings (when PDF is the selected Output Format)

  2. Using the printer driverís INI file
    Font subsetting can be set through the INI file [PDF Settings] section.

    Subset font=0 // with this entry the printer driver will not create font subsets
    Subset font=1 // this is the default setting. Fonts will be subsetted.
  3. Programmatically using BlackIceDEVMODE dll or OCX

    The GetPdfCreateSubset function will return the state of the font subsetting. If the returned value is TRUE, all embedded truetype/opentype fonts are saved as subset.

    The SetPdfCreateSubset function can set the state of the font subsetting.

Licensed Fonts

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Standard Fonts

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HTML Output Improvements

Font embedding can also be set for HTML output. In the HTML Settings window the embedded fonts can be specified under the Fonts tab. Those fonts which are selected for embedding will be placed next to the HTML output file with the same name as the original font. Also, one full length html file can now be created instead of creating an html file for every page of the document.

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Font Embedding

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Printing Multipage Documents

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General Printer Driver Enhancements

Output Filename is now available in the Black Ice printer drivers as possible parameter of the Start Application program, as well as as well as the ability to set output directories based on Environment Variables, eliminating the need for individual user configuration!

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New OutputFilename Parameter

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Using Environment Variables

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