Printer Drivers 13.49 Released
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Black Ice Software - January 16, 2013

Printer Drivers 13.49 Released

Black Ice Software has released the ColorPlus and PDF Printer Drivers version 13.49 with more enhancements for PDF and PDF/A file formats.

Focusing on improving the PDF output quality, version 13.49 includes better character alignment and character positioning in PDF and PDF/A files.

Users Tips:

Converting Documents to PDF, TIFF, JPEG format with a single click.

One can convert a document into multiple file outputs (PDF, TIFF, JPEG) with a single print. Black Ice Software’s non OEM document converter printer drivers are installed with the Printer manager utility. The Printer manager can create Agent Printers from the installed Printer Driver. For more information about agent printers please check the Agent Printers section of the manual.

Create an Agent Printer for every output file format.

  • If the Agent Printers are created, go to the General tab of the Printer Manager. Select one of the Agent Printers from the dropdown list, and click on Printing Preferences button.
  • On the Printing Preferences window navigate to File Formats tab, and select the file format. Apply changes.

Follow the steps, mentioned below, for every Agent Printer, created for multiply output file formats.

When all of the Agent Printers are set, Printing Redirection needs to be set.

  • Select one of the Agent Printers on the General tab of the Printer Manager (Printer A), and click the “Printing Preferences” button.
  • On the Printing Preferences window navigate to the Redirect Printing tab. Check Enable redirect printing option, and select the Agent Printers, created for multiply output file formats(Printer B, Printer C,…), and add to the Selected Printers to the Redirect list. Apply Changes.

Simply print to Printer A, and PDF, TIFF, JPEG files will be generated by the Agent Printers.

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