Moving transferable license to another computer


In order to move your Print2Email license to another computer, please make sure that you have a transferable license. Please see the “How do I know if I have transferable license?” section of the manual.


Black Ice Software offers two ways to move a license from one computer to another computer.


1.    To deactivate and free up a license is quick and easy for IT managers in the Print2Email. The “Deactivate License” option enables IT administrators to reactivate the Print2Email on the computer at a later time.

Please Open the Print2Email, on the About tab click on the Deactivate License button to unregister/free up the license.


2.    Please uninstall the Print2Email from the computer to free up or unregister the license. Please go to the Control Panel > Programs and Featuresand uninstall the Print2Email.



3.    When the license is freed up, the Print2Email can be registered on different computer with the serial number.