Print2Email Server Printer Driver Settings


To navigate to the printer’s main setup dialog, open Print2Email > Printer Settings.


Device Settings tab - Add, delete, and redefine additional paper sizes, change the graphic resolution or the orientation.


File Formats tab - One can specify the output format of the files, change the image quality, and use additional options.


Filename Generation tab - Under the Filename Generation tab, one can save documents with specified names, change the output folder or upload converted files to the designated SharePoint servers instantly.


Watermark/Stamp Tab - One can add a watermark or background image to the printed documents to add a company logo or identify the document status.


Annotation-Header-Footer tab - Enable this option to add an annotation text to the printed image. The annotation can contain user-defined text, the date and the time.


Text Output tab - The Black Ice Printer Driver is capable of extracting the text information from the printed document.


Redirect Printing tab - Use these options to specify printers for print job redirection.