Document Imaging, Image, TIFF, PDF, Coverpage SDK/ActiveX Version History

  Version History

DATE: 03-05-2020
Version: 12.78 (revision: 756)
– PDF – Added support for loading and creating image PDF documents in memory (#12130)

DATE: 01-24-2020
Version: 12.77 (revision: 753)
– OCR – Tesseract release July 7 2019 – V4.1.0
– PDF – Increased PDF version number to 1.7
– Advanced Printing – Stability improvement for the Advanced Print Preview dialog (#12082, #12083)

DATE: 12-13-2019
Version: 12.76 (revision: 747)
– Printing – Stability improvement for printing images that are larger than the printer’s page settings using the “Use Image DPI” option (#11996)- Advanced
– Stability improvement for the Advanced Print Preview dialog (#11995)

DATE: 10-28-2019
Version: 12.75 (revision: 746)
– Scanning – Updated Twain samples (#11745)
– Scanning – Added double sided scanning (#11833).
– Scanning – Stability improvement for scanning with some scanners (#11818, #11830)
Fujitsu fi-5120C (document)
Brother MFC-L5900 (document capable)
Canon LiDE 300
Epson 10000XL (flatbed)
HP OfficeJet Pro 8600
HP OfficeJet Pro 6700
Xerox WorkCentre 6515 printer/scanner
– Scanning – Stability improvement for batch scanning on some systems (#11794)
– TIFF – Added missing Bit Order constants to BiTIFF.h (#11795)
– Updated Manuals

DATE: 09-16-2019
Version: 12.74 (revision: 737)
– Annotation – Added Barcode annotation type (#11419)
– Annotation – Stability improvement for drawing Highlight annotations (#11501)
– Annotation – Stability improvement for drawing color stamps to 1 bit bitmaps (#11502)
– TIFF – Stability improvement for loading certain truncated TIFF files (#11435)
– PDF – Stability improvement for loading certain image PDF files (#10315, #10983, #11532)
– OCR – Stability improvement for handling 1 bit images on some systems (#11533)
– Scanning – Stability improvements for batch scanning with some multi-function scanners (#11711)
– Scanning – Added debug logging to BiTwain.dll (#11717)
– Updated Manuals

DATE: 05-15-2019
Version: 12.71 (revision: 726)
– Scanning – Stability improvement for scanning into memory
– Annotation – Improved word wrapping for Textbox and MultilineTextbox controls (#10731)
– Annotation – Added functions for setting and retrieving the state of text rotation in controls (#10233)
– Annotation – Stability impovement for loading highlight annotations created with Annotation SDK 12.65 or older (#10850)
– Annotation – Stability improvement for saving and loading the font of hyperlink controls (#11033)

DATE: 03-12-2019
Version: 12.70 (revision: 689)
– Stability improvement for clearing the BiDisp ActiveX control (#10363)
– Annotation – Added Textbox, MultilineTextbox, Signature, DateTime, Checkbox, Hyperlink, Tooltip annotation types
– Annotation – Stability improvement for AnnoObjSetFreehandPointCoords, AnnoObjSetPos and AnnoObjSetSize functions for freehand objects (#10207)
– Annotation – When placing stamp annotations, clicking instead of dragging will place the stamp in its original size
– Annotation – Textbox and Multiline textbox drawing
– Annotation – Checkbox drawing
– Annotation – Control buttons for Textbox border thickness, border drawing, border and background color
– Annotation – Context menu for Textbox and Multiline textbox
– OCR – Tesseract release October 29 2018 – V4.0.0
– Scanning – Stability improvement for batch scanning into memory (#10068, #10343)
– New installation, with serial key based activation of the licensed product (#10460)
– Added the version number to the title of Release installers (#10632)
– Added transferable license handling (#10460)
– Removed cab files (#10663)
– Updated Manuals

DATE: 09-06-2018
Version: 12.65 (revision: 625)
Annotation – Changed internal annotation format to XML
Samples – Added support for comment annotation type to the Annotation C++ samples
Imaging – Stability improvement for Black Border Removal (#9724)
Imaging – PNG – Added support for PNG format for the SaveDIBInImageFormat and SaveDIBInImageFormatExt functions (#9951)
Imaging – OCR – Tesseract release June 19 2018 – V3.05.02
PDF – Stability improvement for BiPDF dll demo version (#9862, #9863)

DATE: 06-01-2018
Version: 12.60 (revision: 608)
– TIFF – Stability improvement for opening certain TIFF files (Error 15: Invalid bit order)
– Scanning – Updated twaindsm.dll to version 2.4.2
– Annotation – Added color options to Redact (whiteout) annotation type

DATE: 01-05-2018
Version: 12.59 (revision: 594)
– TIFF – Stability improvement for opening certain LZW compressed TIFF files
– TIFF – Stability improvement for opening paletted BMP and TIFF images on some 64 bit systems using the Demo version
– Annotation – Minor user interface improvements

DATE: 11-14-2017
Version: 12.58 (revision: 591)
– TIFF – Stability improvement for opening certain LZW compressed TIFF files
– OCR – Added function to BiOCR to generate hOCR output

DATE: 08-25-2017
Version: 12.57 (revision: 588)
– TIFF – Added support for opening 16 bit TIFF files
– TIFF – Added support for loading 3 bpp TIFF documents
– TIFF – Added support for Tiled TIFF images to BiTIFF.dll
– OCR – Improved BiOCR
– Imaging – Stability improvement for the RotateDIB, RotateDIB90, RotateDIB180 and RotateDIB270 functions
– Imaging – Stability improvement for the Deskew functions
– Scanning – Stability improvement for scanning using BiTwain.dll with certain drivers
– Annotation – When pasting annotations using the right-click menu, the annotations are placed under the mouse cursor, otherwise their original position is kept
– Annotation – The relative position of the annotations is kept when copy-pasting
– Annotation – Added the ability to save multiple selected annotations using the “Save selected annotation(s)” menu option
– Annotation – Added option to load annoations from a file without deleting the existing annotations on the page
– PDF – Stability improvement for opening Image PDF Files generated by eFax
– PDF – Stability improvement for opening Image PDF Files saved by some HP printers
– Samples – Upgraded the sample executable (exe) files from .NET Framework version 2.0 to 4.0
– Samples – Added Visual Studio 2015 sample projects
– Samples – Minor improvements in the samples
– Updated Build Process for the DLLs and installers to Visual Studio 2015 and Installshield 2013

DATE: 09-15-2016
Version: 12.56 (revision: 546)
– Stability improvement when loading 32 bit images by the LoadTiffChainIntoDIB function
– Stability improvement for handling 32 bit and “top-down” BMP files
– Improved DPI detection when loading JPEG compressed Tiff image by the LoadTiffChainIntoDIB function
– Stability improvement for loading and saving TIFF files larger than 2GB
– Stability improvement for loading large JPEG images
– Added LoadAnnotationFromTiffChain to BiTiff.dll
– Added internal functions to BiAnno.dll and BiAnnoDlg.dll
– Updated installer, exe, ocx and dll file signitures
– Added GetStandardPaperSizeFromDib function to BiDIB.dll
– Added ConvertDIBToBitmapExt function to BiDIB.dll
– Stability improvements for Twain C# and VB.NET samples when closing scanner application and trying to scan with the Twain sample
– Added feature automatically save the output file name for Twain .NET samples
– Added option to specify the name of Twain Data Source Manager DLL in BiTwain
– Stability improvement for closing the scanner window when using BiTwain with an older data source manager
– Updated manuals

DATE: 10-05-2015
Version: 12.55 (revision: 513)
– Improved Jpeg image loading
– Improved DPI value loading for Jpeg image format
– Added BiPrintImageExt2 function to BiPrint OCX control to provide better compatibility than BiPrintImageExt function
– Added PrintDIBPageExt2 function to BiPrint OCX control to provide better compatibility than PrintDIBPage function
– Added PrintDIBExt function to BiPrint OCX control to provide better compatibility than PrintDIB function
– Added PrintImageExt function to BiPrint OCX control to provide better compatibility than PrintImage function
– Updated manuals

DATE: 08-11-2015
Version: 12.54 (revision: 507)
– Improved rendering quality in BiDisp control for grayscale and color images
– Improved handling of TIFF images with missing TIFF TAG information
– Stability improvement for memory handling in DeskewDIB and LineRemover functions
– Added capability to copy and paste annotations between pages
– Improvements in Note annotation drawing
– Improved font size handling in the Text and Note annotations
– Added Unicode text file support to CreateFaxPageFromASCII and CreateBMPFaxPageFromASCII functions in BiTiff.dll
– Updated manuals

DATE: 03-17-2015
Version: 12.53 (revision: 496)
– Stability improvement for the Demo DLLs
– Added Paste (Ctrl+V) handling to Note and Text annotations
– Improvements in the installation for detecting pending reboot on the system
– Added CCreatePDF::LoadImageAndInfoFromPDF function to BiPDF.dll
– Fixed title text in load annotation dialog
– Stability improvement for BiOCR
– Updated manuals

DATE: 04-08-2014
Version: 12.52 (revision: 478)
– Added Visual Studio 2012 solution and project file to samples
– Added Visual Studio 2013 solution and project file to samples
– Removed J# samples
– Updated .Net samples from .Net 2.0 to .Net 4.0
– Removed ‘DotNet’ text from the solution and project names
– Modified the solutions to use the renamed project files
– Removed M32 folder and replaced the project and solution files from M32
– Renamed executables samples
– Moved C++ samples from Dll folder
– Moved C# and VB.NET samples from DOTNET folder
– Added and moved samples solution file in “Start menu”
– Stability improvement in BiTwain.dll and BiTwain.ocx
– Updated twaindsm.dll to version 2.3
– Added new functions to BiTwain.dll and BiTwain.ocx:
– GetKeepTwainScanDialogOpen
– SetKeepTwainScanDialogOpen
– Added SetKeepTwainScanDialogOpen feature to the Twain samples (C++,C#,VB.NET)
– Improved zoom precision in BiDisp.dll
– Improved error detection in InsertTiffImage function
– Stability improvement in GetOCRLanguages when no language file found
– Changed demo license registration communication to HTTPS
– Added Proxy handling in the demo license registration
– Updated manuals

DATE: 01-10-2014
Version: 12.51 (revision: 455)
– Improved error handling in OCRImageToFile function in BiOCR.dll
– Stability improvement in BiPFD.dll when loading image PDF file
– Updated manuals
– Renamed liblept.dll to BiLeptonica.dll
– Renamed libtesseract to BiTesseract.dll
– Relocated “tessdata” folder to “BiOCR\tessdata”

DATE: 12-18-2013
Version: 12.50 (revision: 445)
– Added OCR feartures (BiOCR.dll, BiOCR.ocx) to the Document Imaging SDK
– Added OCR to the Document Imaging SDK C#, VB.NET and C++ samples
– Added New design to installer
– Fixed DPI value loading in BiPDF.dll
– Updated manuals

DATE: 10-31-2013
Version: 12.16 (revision: 428)
– Improved empty feeder handling on batch scan in BiTwain.dll and in the Twain samples
– Stability improvement in Thumbnail dialog
– Fixed missing files problem in BiTwain.dll
– Fixed demo registration problem
– Updated manuals

DATE: 10-01-2013
Version: 12.15 (revision: 420)
– Using eLicense for demo registration
– Fixed empty PelsPerMeter parameters on JPEG compressed Tiff file loading problem
– Fixed text position problem in DIBTextOverlay function in BiTiff.dll
– Improved error handling in DetectSkewAngle function in BIDocImg.dll
– Extended error handling for DetectSkewAngle function in the samples
– Updated manual
– Added eLicense mechanism in all DLLs

DATE: 08-01-2013
Version: 12.13 (revision: 331)
– Fixed empty PelsPerMeter parameters on Tiff file loading problem
– Stability improvement in CAL file reading and writing

DATE: 07-09-2013
Version: 12.12 (revision: 288)
– Stability improvement in install

DATE: 07-04-2013
Version: 12.11 (revision: 279)
– Stability improvement for JPEG compressed TIFF files
– Stability improvement in BiTwain.dll
– Added background color changing ability in BiDisp.dll
– Updated DISPLAYSTRUCT mapping in Tiff C# DLL sample
– Added Adobe TIFF Specification Supplement 2 (2002) compression type 8
– Improved file handling in BIDIB.dll
– Stability improvement in BiThumbnail.dll
– Stability improvement in BiTiff.dll
– Added AnnoObjSetOnPage function to BiAnno.dll
– Updated manuals

DATE: 05-28-2013
Version: 12.10 (revision: 218)
– Stability improvement in BiTIFF.dll
– Added DestroyOcx function to BiTwain.ocx
– Stability improvement in Internet Imaging Scan Sample

DATE: 05-07-2013
Version: 12.09 (revision: 209)
– Stability improvement in BiJPEG.dll
– Visual Studio 2010 files added to ODBC C++ sample, Thumbnail C++ sample
– Fixed 64 bit CAB files
– Fixed sample errors
– Fixed invert displayed tiff problem
– Manuals updated

DATE: 04-05-2013
Version: 12.08 (revision: 184)
– Fixed creating dib from fax page from ascii text file in BiTiff.dll
– Fixed flip horizontal and flip vertical methods in BiAnno.dll
– Stability improvements for the dithering functions
– Manuals updated

DATE: 04-02-2013
Version: 12.07 (revision: 181)
– Fixed save dib as color pdf function in biPDF.dll.

DATE: 04-02-2013
Version: 12.06 (revision: 179)
– Fixed C# sample twain, with annotation.
– Fixed Document Imaging C# sample Visual Studio 2010 project file

DATE: 03-28-2013
Version: 12.06 (revision: 175)
– Fixed C# sample twain, with annotation.

DATE: 03-09-2013
Version: 12.05 (revision: 172)
– Rewrite appendtiff to create a single page from multiple pages

DATE: 03-04-2013
Version: 12.04 (revision: 170)
– Stability improvement for 64-bit CAB files

DATE: 02-28-2013
Version: 12.04 (revision: 169)
– Stability improvement for the BiTwain HTML sample
– Added twaindsm.dll to the CAB files

DATE: 02-14-2013
Version: 12.04 (revision: 167)
– BiTwain updated to use the latest Data Source Manager (twaindsm.dll)
– Stability improvements for using BiTwain from HTML

DATE: 02-28-2012
Version: 12.03 (revision: 158)
– Added missing files for Visual C# 2010 64-bit samples
– Stability improvements in the sample applications
– Stability improvements for Image PDF conversion

DATE: 11-18-2011
Version: 12.02 (revision: 147)
– Stability improvements in the sample applications
– Stability improvement for saving PNG files
– Added support for reading 32 bit PNG files

DATE: 06-20-2011
Version: 12.01 (revision: 134)
– stability improvements in the sample applications

DATE: 06-16-2011
Version: 12.01 (revision: 130)
– Various stability improvements
– Enhancements in the sample applications

DATE: 06-01-2011
Version: 12.00 (revision: 118)
– Added 64 bit support
– Added Unicode file name support
– Added support for DICOM format
– Added more precise colorspace conversion functions
– Added an extra CMYK colorspace to emulate Photoshop’s CMYK colorspace
– Added merge colorspace channels option
– Added LittleCMS for colorspace management
– Added bitmap read and write MS DIB v4, v5 support
– Added embedded color profile read and write capability for JPEG, TIFF, DIBv4 and DIBv5 formats’
– Updated Help files
– Removed Delphi and VB 6 samples

DATE: 06-30-2010
Version: 11.06 (revision: 16)
– Replace the ASM codes in the dynamic link libraries
– Stability improvement for color separation
– Stability improvement for loading TIFF files from a web server
– Memory leak has been fixed in the AnnoCreateOnLoad method of the Anno.dll.
– Stability improvement for decoding CCITT Group 3, 2D file format

DATE: 11-18-2009
Version: 11.05
-Memory leak has been fixed in the AnnoCreateOnLoad method of the Anno.dll.

DATE: 10-25-2009
Version: 11.04
– Fix compression in TIFF_JPEG file format
– Fix zoom function problem in BiDisp dll and activeX
– Modify CAB files

DATE: 10-10-2009
Version: 11.03
– Update CAB files
– Modify zooming procedure
– Fix magnify glass issue

DATE: 09-19-2009
Version: 11.02
– Fix heap corruption problem in BiFilter

DATE: 09-05-2009
Version: 11.01
– Fix scaling functions
– Fix border drawing issues in BiDisp
– Fix image downloding issue from URL

DATE: 08-14-2009
Version: 11.00
– Fixed an application stability issue for corrupted annotation data

DATE: 03-26-2009
Version: 10.99
– Fix LZW data corruption bug in BiTiff.dll

DATE: 01-20-2009
Version: 10.98
– BiDisp.dll: fixed the Object leak problem in panning tool

DATE: 12-09-2008
Version: 10.97
– Fix annotation selection bug in the BiAnno.dll

DATE: 09-12-2008
Version: 10.96
– Fix programatic object selection in BiAnno
– Added the ConvertToMonochromeDIB function to the BiDIB.dll and added the ConvertToMonochromeDIB method to the BiDIB.ocx
– Fixed a JPEG extra lines problem

DATE: 04-22-2008
Version: 10.95
– Fixed various positioning bugs when printing pages with Stretching or Scaling.
– Fixed a bug that caused printed pictures to only show a portion of the image.

DATE: 03-07-2008
Version: 10.94
– Now uses BiJPEGExt.dll to load some JPEG files.
– Fixed a JPEG file loading bug in connection to JPEG strips.
– Fixed a Group3 2D and Group4 decoder bug.

DATE: 02-20-2008
Version: 10.93
– Fix bug about URLDownloadImageFileComplete event
– Fix bugs in installation packages

DATE: 01-14-2008
Version: 10.92
– Freehand bug fix, vertical line error
– Functions added to the BiFilter.ocx, so BinaryDilation method could set a matrix correctly
– Mouse pointer setting issue fixed
– Annotation rotation issue fixed in BiAnno.Dll
– Scanning abort issue has been fixed in the BiTwain.dll.
– Modified the source of the tiffocx.asp sample application

DATE: 01-03-2008
Version: 10.91
– Freehand bug fix, drawing a closed shape fix

DATE: 11-28-2007
Version: 10.90
– Fixed BiDisp control, FitToHeight problem
– Fixed BiAnno control, boundary issue

DATE: 09-11-2007
Version: 10.84
– modification of the BiDisp.ocx, fixed zoom feature bug

DATE: 08-07-2007
Version: 10.83
– Fixed save tiff image dialog being wrong sized when Chinese Traditional non-Unicode settings are set.
– Synchronized dll + protection folders

DATE: 07-27-2007
Version: 10.82
– Fixed thumbnail crashing when loading a very large picture

DATE: 07-05-2007
Version: 10.81
– Memory leak in the BiDisp.ocx fixed
– Inserted a BitCount checking

DATE: 06-25-2007
Version: 10.80
– Modified the Thumbnail.dll smoothing algorithm
– Modified BiDisp.dll and added 4 new methods

DATE: 05-29-2007
Version: 10.79
– Changed the OnAnnotationBurnin method because of large file handling problem
– Fixed bug in the .inf file of the

DATE: 05-10-2007
Version: 10.78
– Added ASP sample source and links to related installs

DATE: 05-02-2007
Version: 10.77
– Fixed Annotation frame bug

DATE: 04-25-2007
Version: 10.76
– Added quality settings to Thumbnail

DATE: 04-20-2007
Version: 10.75
– Made installs compatible with Vista (64-bit)

DATE: 04-03-2007
Version: 10.74
– Twain user interface dialog fixed
– “Scanning aborted” event added to the pressing of the CANCEL button of the twain user interface dialog

DATE: 02-28-2007
Version: 10.73
– added delete options to the popup menu and to the file menu
– bug fixed (thread stuck when you open more than one file while it was still loading pictures)
– added ability to open thumbnail dialog in modeless mode
– added drag & drop technique
– cacheing is continued in modeless mode even if a file was opened or the dialog is closed

DATE: 12-21-2006
Version: 10.72
– Added Installshield 9 support
– Make file fix
– PDF Install version number & start menu fix

DATE: 11-27-2006
Version: 10.71
– Added on-line help menu to samples
– OCX Source: set registration flag to false

DATE: 11-17-2006
Version: 10.70
– Anno samples to save multi-page tiff imges without adding a new page to image

DATE: 10-18-2006
Version: 10.69
– Printing sample with any printer (normal DEVMODE) in .NET VB, J# and C# using AdvancedPrinting OCX

DATE: 10-05-2006
Version: 10.68
– Fix inf file error in the release TIFF CAB
– Fix crash in the BiDisp.ocx. The ocx dumped when you try to change property before image has loaded
– BiDib.ocx constants added

DATE: 09-21-2006
Version: 10.67
– 2 new methods & functions added to BiThumbnail.dll
– solved coverpage object identifying problem
– added 3 functions to BiCp.dll (CpgSetCurrObjId, CpgGetCurrObjId, CpgSetCurrObj)
– added 3 methods to BiCp.ocx (CpgSetCurrObjId, CpgGetCurrObjId, CpgSetCurrObj)
– now user can set and get ID of a coverpage object, and can set the current object by ID

DATE: 09-19-2006
Version: 10.66
– CAB files fix

DATE: 09-05-2006
Version: 10.65
– CoverPage DEMO Install fix
– New Thumbnail method added

DATE: 08-10-2006
Version: 10.64
– BiThumbnail.dll modification

DATE: 08-02-2006
Version: 10.63
– Add custom menu feature to BiAnno dll and ocx
– Fix bug in BiDisp.ocx

DATE: 07-27-2006
Version: 10.62
– Thumbnail Modified with better pop-up menu

DATE: 07-05-2006
Version: 10.61
– Wordwrap feature modified

DATE: 06-06-2006
Version: 10.60
– Thumbnail Control feature added
– Additional samples added
– Bug Fix in BiPrint
– Modified .NET LoadTiffFromMemory samples

DATE: 03-29-2006
Version: 10.56
-Ability to open PDF file
-BiPDF.dll XObjects fix
-BITiff.ocx fix

DATE: 03-08-2006
Version: 10.55
-Updated Coverpage Manual

DATE: 03-01-2006
Version: 10.54
-Fixed an error in the LoadTIFFFromMemory Delphi sample

DATE: 01-24-2006
Version: 10.53
– Fixed a problem with saving as TIFF JPEG format.

DATE: 01-05-2006
Version: 10.52
– fixed imgffPdf enumeration value
– bug fixes to Document Imaging Sample in all languages.

DATE: 12-09-2005
Version: 10.51
– Bug Fixes

DATE: 11-23-2005
Version: 10.50
– Bug Fixes

DATE: 11-01-2005
Version: 10.47
– Added TIFF C# DLL sample demonstrating how to use DLLs from .NET

DATE: 10-06-2005
Version: 10.46
– problem solved with converting color images to monochrome on terminal server
– fixed problem with the default font size
– fixed problem with the font size in the Annotation C# sample.
– fixed problem with loading monochrome PDF files if the dll is not in the PATH

DATE: 08-09-2005
Version: 10.45
– ScaleGrayDIB() fixed
– problem fixed with closing the file handle after ASCII to TIFF conversion

DATE: 07-20-2005
Version: 10.44
– Fixed memory leak in the the BiPNG.DLL
– New internet imaging samples added
– DownloadImageFileURL function can be called multiple times
– BiTwain events return the file name correctly for multipage scans
– Fixed problem with printing an HTML page containing the BiDisp.ocx control
– Fixed problem with printing from the Visual Basic samples

DATE: 06-07-2005
Version: 10.43
– Fixed problem with using the BiTwain control from an HTML page when the
page is refreshed. Also fixes problems with re-starting the scanning application.

DATE: 05-23-2005
Version: 10.42
– Fixed problem with loading TIFF images from the internet streamed by
asp scripts.
– MergeTwoDIBs method added to the BiDIB.OCX to merge two images.

DATE: 04-20-2005
Version: 10.41
– Fixed problem with reading the correct DPI value from certain JPEG files.

DATE: 04-14-2005
Version: 10.40
– Updated Cover Page toolkit

DATE: 02-21-2005
Version: 10.33
– Visual Basic and C# samples added to show how to modify
Tiff Tags

DATE: 02-02-2005
Version: 10.32
– Fixed problem with opening some monochrome PDF files inverted.
– Fixed problem with filters
– Fixed problem with burning in text, note and highlite annotation
– PrintSetup() method added to change printer settings before printing
– BiOpenPrinter() method added
– small fixes in the samples

DATE: 12-28-2004
Version: 10.31
– New filters added

DATE: 12-07-2004
Version: 10.30
– Doubleclick event fixed in Annotation
– the ZoomArea method of the BiDisp.OCX has been enhanced
– Fixes in the samples using annotation
– fixed problem appending new images to existing multipage PDF file

DATE: 12-01-2004
Version: 10.29
– HTML Scanning sample added.

DATE: 11-18-2004
Version: 10.28
– Fixed problem with using read-only .dat keyfiles.

DATE: 10-15-2004
Version: 10.27
– PrintDibPageEx method added to the BiPrint.ocx to support printing from ASP scripts
– Annotation OCX help file added

DATE: 09-16-2004
Version: 10.26
– Multiple annotations can be selected, copied and deleted together
– Small problems fixed in the sample applications
– Saving 4 bit images to LZW compression fixed.
– Adding a Stamp when another annotation is active fixed

DATE: 08-30-2004
Version: 10.25
– Fixed problem with opening TIFF files using TIFF JPEG compression
– Added support for type 7 JPEG compression in TIFF files.
– Fixed problem with the SethDib method in the BiDIB.ocx

DATE: 07-06-2004
Version: 10.24
– New licensing modules added
– TIFF error message problem fixed.
– Printing large images has been enhanced
– The backgroung color of annotation object can be specified
– BiPrint.oCX: PrintDibPage modified to use proprties too for the scaling. This
way the method can be used from JAVA Script too.
– Fixed problem with SaveDibInJpegFormat() returns false even if it succeeds
– CombineDib method calls added to the Visual Basic samples.

DATE: 06-03-2004
Version: 10.23
– TIFF G4 decompression problems solved
– TIFF LZW decompression problem solved
– BiDIB: fixed problem with printing images longer than 32767 pixels

DATE: 05-18-2004
Version: 10.22
– Problem fixed with the PNG encoding
– Problem fixed with reporting the absence of the BiJpeg.dll
– BiPrint.dll user interface changes
– TIFF Group 4 decompression problem solved.

DATE: 05-03-2004
Version: 10.21
– C++ projects modified to compile with Visual C++ .NET 2003
– ZoomArea function added to enable zooming of a given area
– Loading 7 bit GIF images added
– New feature: Append a page to an exitsing PDF file

DATE: 03-13-2004
Version: 10.20
– New versions of existing functions added to the Annotation OCX ,
for JavaScript developers. The new functions are not passing parameters
as a reference.
– Background color of the BiDisp control can be changed

DATE: 02-19-2004
Version: 10.10
– DropDIB and DropBitmap added to all ocx controls which are using DIBs.
– Fixed problem with the SplitTiffFile() function
– SaveDIBInImageFormatExt function added
– SaveNumberOfImagesInFile function added
– GetDibInfoStucture function added
– The first page number for multipage PDF files changed to 0 from 1.
– New methods added to the BiDIB.ocx to access the DIB structure members
– New annotation features: rotate annotation, undo annotation, hyperlink,
annotation object properties
– New function: GetLargestEmptyRectangle()
– FindBlackPage function added.
– FindBlankPage function modified to search from a given page number
– The discontinued orientation property has been removed from the BiDisp.ocx control.
– Save As for annotations added

DATE: 01-20-2004
Version: 10.09
– New feature added – LoadTiffFromMemory
– fixed printer DPI problem with some printers in the Advanced Print Preview
– Unified error codes added for the LoadImageIntoDIB and SaveDIBToImage functions

DATE: 01-15-2004
Version: 10.08
– New feature added: loading images from PDF

DATE: 01-12-2004
Version: 10.07
– Database support added using the BiDb.dll
– The BatchPageDone event passes the scanned file’s name
– new twGetScanProgressBarEnbl function for scanning

DATE: 12-18-2003
Version: 10.06
– problem fixed with batch scanning
– problem fixed with the line remover

DATE: 12-15-2003
Version: 10.05
– New Twain event sent after each page scanned using batch scanning
– New Twain batch scannning function added to check for paper in the tray

Version: 10.04
– Twain sample has been improved
– C# Twain sample added
– New Advanced printing features added
– New Edge detection features added

DATE: 10-10-2003
Version: 10.03
– TGA encoding problem fixed
– TIFF YCBCR encoding fixed

DATE: 10-08-2003
Version: 10.02
– Small fixes in the samples

DATE: 08-03-2003
Version: 10.0
– The redesigned Document Imaging SDK has been released