Print2RDP Version History

  Version History

Print2RDP Client archive available at:

DATE: 01/10/2020
Version 6.50 (revision 481)
– Added option to create printers without the Session ID in the name (#11999)
– Stability improvements for static printer naming (#12037, #12041, #12042)
– Stability improvement for deleting printers if the list of printers changed after disconnecting without logging off (#12021, #12023)
– Stability improvement for connecting printers the first time after the Print2RDP Notification Service was restarted manually (#12027)
– Stability improvement for selecting the printers during Print2RDP Client installation (#12025)
– Minor user interface improvements for the Print2RDP Client installers (#12031, #10038)
– Minor user interface improvements for the Print2RDP Server Properties (#12062)
– Stability improvement for detecting active connections in the Print2RDP Client Properties (#12034, #12063)
– Stability improvement for detecting active connections in the Print2RDP Server Properties (#12005)
– Updated manual

DATE: 11/07/2019
Version 6.47 (revision 456)
– Added workaround for paper size problem with Star TSP100 printers on some systems (#11836)
– Added description text for the Print2RDP Notification Service (#11812)
– Minor logging improvements (#11815)
– Improvements in evaluation version registration (#11841, #11837)
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Server registration (Error code 57) (#11808)
– Updated manual

DATE: 10/07/2019
Version 6.46 (revision 451)
– Update Print2RDP Server without restarting the system and keeping previous configurations of the Print2RDP server.
– Minor user interface improvements for the Print2RDP installers (#11744, #11743, #11772, #11774, #11773)
– Automatically closing the running Print2RDP Client during Print2RDP Client uninstallation (#11746)
– Added the maintenance expiration date checking to the Print2RDP Server update condition (#11762)

DATE: 09/26/2019
Version 6.45 (revision 446)
– Disabled the Print2RDP Server update if any Print2RDP clients are connected to the Print2RDP Server (#11737).
– Minimum supported version for updating Print2RDP Server is 6.15 (#11742).

DATE: 09/24/2019
Version 6.45 (revision 441)
– Added the Update feature to Print2RDP Server installer. Update compatible from (6.15) (#11690)
– Stability improvement for attaching printers the first time after installation on some systems (#11727)
– Stability improvement for printing color text from Publisher 2016 (#11681)
– Fix for Printing Preferences window appearing behind the RDP session (#11619)
– Updated manual

DATE: 05/30/2018
Version 6.41 (revision 430)
– Stability improvement for printing custom (not listed) paper sizes (e.g.: printing from Microsoft Outlook) (#11374)

DATE: 05/15/2018
Version 6.40 (revision 429)
– Stability improvement for handling unresponsive printers (#11057)
– Stability improvement for printing from applications that cannot handle different X and Y DPI values (E.g.: Excel) (#11216)
– Updated eLicense.dll to version 6.04.225
– Stability improvement for registration on Korean systems. (#11202)

DATE: 03/04/2019
Version 6.37 (revision 424)
– Stability improvement for retrieving tray names from certain printer drivers (#10675)

DATE: 12/31/2018
Version 6.36 (revision 423)
– Stability improvement for printing multiple print jobs to the same printer in quick succession (#10216)

DATE: 11/06/2018
Version 6.35 (revision 422)
– Stability improvement for printing multiple print jobs to the same printer in quick succession (#10216)
– Updated manual

DATE: 08/21/2018
Version 6.33 (revision 421)
– Stability improvement for detecting the resolution of some printers (#10007)
– Updated manual

DATE: 05/10/2018
Version 6.32 (revision 420)
– Stability improvement for the “Enable Printing Preferences Dialog” in the print2rdp client how to process Number of Copies, Collate, Duplex and Tray selection
– Added new features for receipt printers to eject cash register drawer and process paper cut for Epson, Star, and Zebra printers.

DATE: 03/28/2018
Version 6.31 (revision 413)
– Added: Installer Place the Print2RDP Server icon to the Desktop for the Administrator.
– Updated elicense.dll to version 5.15.207
– Manual registration window was not shown on some connection errors (43 and 44)
– Updated manual (MSI)
– Added ‘How to upgrade existing installation of Print2RDP using Group Policy Object’
– Added WRP Parameter: If the WRP parameter is 0 or not specified, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop printers will be disabled during the installation.

DATE: 03/14/2018
Version 6.30 (revision 412)
– Added the Print2RDP Server shortcut to desktop
– Stability improvement for licensing and user counting (fix for “There are not enough concurrent licenses.” error)
– Stability improvement for handling reconnects
– Stability improvement for Windows version detection

DATE: 02/28/2018
Version 6.29 (revision 407)
– Added extended logging to Print2RDP Client MSI installer
– Stability improvement for RDP/Citrix selection in Print2RDP Client web installer
– Updated eLicense.dll to version 5.14.206
– Stability improvements for version checking

DATE: 02/09/2018
Version 6.29 (revision 405)
– Added Audit Log feature to Print2RDP Server
– Added support for Tray selection
– Added update feature to Print2RDP Client MSI installer. Update compatible from (6.15)
– Added the Disable the Microsoft Remote Desktop printers option to the client installer
– Updated manual

DATE: 01/30/2018
Version 6.28 (revision 379)
– Added support for double-sided (duplex) printing
– Added update feature to Print2RDP Client interactive installer. Update compatible from (6.15)
– Stability improvement for printing on slow servers
– Stability improvement for the server side “Client Default Printer Only” option
– Updated purchase links
– Updated elicense.dll to version 5.13.205
– Fixed error 37 during registration
– Updated manual

DATE: 01/23/2018
Version 6.27 (revision 372)
– Interface improvements by moving the “Use the client default printer on the server” and “Add every client printer” to the main window.
– Stability improvement for attaching printers that were installed after the “Add every client printer” option was selected
– Stability improvement for printing large multipage documents
– Updated MSI Installer for Print2RDP client to add option for configuring the default printer on the server and improvement for Add every client printer.
– Stability improvement for deleting temp files on the Print2RDP client systems
– Faster printing of the first page of a document 4-5 second improvement in some cases.
– Updated elicense.dll to version 5.12.203
– Improved error messages
– Updated manual

DATE: 12/18/2017
Version 6.26 (revision 357)
– Stability improvement for attaching printers to non-English systems

DATE: 10/17/2017
Version 6.25 (revision 356)
– Minor user interface improvements for the Print2RDP MSI installer

DATE: 08/02/2017
Version 6.24 (revision 355)
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Server uninstaller when the Serial number is suspended
– Improved handling of log file permissions
– Created web installer for Print2RDP Client

DATE: 05/08/2017
Version 6.23 (revision 348)
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Client uninstaller to reenable Microsoft printer redirection for Remote Desktop Connections
– Stability improvement for attaching printers to Windows 2003 systems
– Stability improvement for attaching printers to systems that do not have any other printers
– Better handling of printer permissions
– Updated MSI manual

DATE: 04/24/2017
Version 6.22 (revision 340)
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Server installer for Windows Server 2008 64-bit
– Added feature to the Print2RDP Client to disable the redirect printers in Remote Desktop Connection
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Client MSI installer if no component was selected to be installed
– Stability improvement for printing landscape documents and documents with various page sizes
– Minor user interface improvements in Print2RDP Client MSI installer

DATE: 04/07/2017
Version 6.21 (revision 335)
– Performance improvement for attaching printers

DATE: 04/06/2017
Version 6.20 (revision 334)
– Print2RDP now uses a separate port for each printer to allow parallel printing
and to prevent Windows from grouping the printers together
– Stability improvement for attaching printers to some Windows 2012 R2 or newer systems
– Updated manual

DATE: 02/23/2017
Version 6.18 (revision 321)
– Updated build process 15.
– Upgraded build process for the drivers and installers
– Updated eLicense.dll to version 5.10.193
– Print2RDP now attaches printers even when connecting to an existing session without logging out and logging back in
– Upgraded the Print2RDP Client MSI installers from .NET Framework version 2.0 to 4.0
– Stability improvement for the “Enable Printing Preferences Dialog” client feature
– Removed update feature from installers
– Improvements on the Print2RDP Client user interface
– Stability and performance improvements for attaching printers through a Citrix connection
– Stability improvements for forwarding paper sizes when attaching printers through a Citrix connection
– Updated manual

DATE: 09/20/2016
Version 6.17 (revision 305)
– Printing starts on the client as soon as the first page is printed on the server
– Improvements in embedded font handling
– Updated eLicense.dll to version 5.05.178
Version – Stability improvement for registering with certain WiFi adapters (Error 41)
– Stability improvement for multi-user, parallel license checking (Error codes 47 and 24)

DATE: 07/11/2016
Version 6.16 (revision 302)
– Stability improvement for starting the Print2RDP Notification Service
– Stability improvement for connecting to Windows 2012 R2 systems
Both the Print2RDP Client and Print2RDP Server must be updated to version 6.16.302 to fix the problem.
Print2RDP Client version 6.16.302 is only compatible with Print2RDP Server version 6.16.302 or later.
– Updated manual

DATE: 06/03/2016
Version 6.15 (revision 298)
– Added transferable license handling
– Updated eLicense.dll to version 5.02.171

DATE: 02/03/2016
Version 6.13 (revision 294)
– Fixed version number on about box

DATE: 02/02/2016
Version 6.13 (revision 293)
– Updated installer, exe and dll file signatures

DATE: 01/26/2016
Version 6.13 (revision 291)
– Stability improvement for Citrix connections for certain printers with large DEVMODE structures (error 122)
– Stability improvement for RDP connections
– Implemented Add printer feature for client installer
– Stability improvement for Desktop shortcut for Print2RDP client
– Updated manual

DATE: 12/02/2015
Version 6.12 (revision 284)
– Added warning when trying to run multiple instances of Print2RDP Client
– Added warning when adding or removing printers while a connection is active
– Added Windows version to the log files
– Updated install/uninstall user interface with new design
– Updated the Print2RDP user interface with new telephone number
– Extended eLicense initialization error message
– Updated Manual

DATE: 06/10/2015
Version 6.11 (revision 274)
– Stability improvement for Print2RDP Client MSI installer
– Stability improvement in the installer to detect the already installed Print2RDP Client MSI or InstallShield
– Updated Manual

DATE: 11/20/2013
Version 6.10 (revision 270)
– Supporting Windows 8 and Windows 2012 operating systems
– Updated Manual

DATE: 07/19/2013
Version 6.05 (revision 259)
– Change in logging

DATE: 05/14/2013
Version 6.05 (revision 258)
– Stability improvement for installer

DATE: 10/10/2012
Version 6.04 (revision 250)
– Stability improvement – MS Word Fonts

DATE: 10/05/2012
Version 6.03 (revision 248)
– After printing unexpected random session closing problem fixed.
(Only client need to be updated.)

DATE: 10/03/2012
Version 6.02 (revision 245)
– Added fix for Adobe printing issues.
– Added fix for MsAccess reporting problems.
– The client changed at this point, please reinstall clients to have the Adobe printing issue solved!

DATE: 09/25/2012
Version 6.01 (revision 237)
– Added fix for MsAcces reporting problems.

DATE: 08/29/2012
Version 6.00 (revision 232)
– Added performance improvement.
– Added connection information to the client user interface.
– Altered the text displayed in the about boxes.
– Added new documentation and help.
– Added warning for obsolete client users.
– Added stability improvement for systems with large number of printers.
– Added stability improvement for x64 server systems.
– More accurate calculation of printable page size and margins on in-session printing property setting.
– Added support for static printer names.
– Added Stability improvement for network traffic problems.
– Enabled static printer names for network printers.
– Fixed windows resource handling.

DATE: 01/10/2012
Version 5.23 (revision: 138)
– Stability improvement for logging

DATE: 10/28/2011
Version 5.23 (revision: 137)
– Stability improvement for licensing process

DATE: 10/21/2011
Version 5.22 (revision: 135)
– Added refresh printer list on server if reconnection is happened (without logout)
– Added to client preferences to pre-set “Add the client’s default printer” and “Add every client printer”
– Added to installation to set the default property of the Clint “Add the client’s default printer” and “Add every client printer” in client preferences
– Added more properties to MSI installers
– Stability improvement for installing the Print2RDP with third party DocuPrint

DATE: 05/31/2011
Version 5.13 (revision: 128)
– Stability improvement for client printer attachment
– Improved logging

DATE: 03/03/2011
Version 5.12 (revision: 118)
– Stability improvement for position problem on the printed document

DATE: 02/18/2011
Version 5.11 (revision: 115)
– Stability improvement for specifying default install folders
– Stability improvement for memory leak in notify service
– Stability improvement for uninstalling the Print2RDP Server
– Stability improvement for using printer name with special characters

DATE: 02/02/2011
Version 5.10 (revision: 112)
– Modify the location of the printer driver’s INI file
– Prevent re-installation while system reboot is pending
– Stability improvement for setting the default printer

DATE: 01/11/2011
Version 5.09 (revision: 103)
– Stability improvement for paper orientation
– Modify logging information

DATE: 01/04/2011
Version 5.08 (revision: 101)
– Stability improvement for windows server 2000, 2003 printing issue

DATE: 12/17/2010
Version 5.07 (revision: 100)
– Stability improvement for opening printing preferences of the attached printers

DATE: 12/06/2010
Version 5.06 (revision: 92)
– Stability improvement in setting default printer and paper size
– Stability improvement in applying the Enable Printing Preferences Dialog settings
– Expand support of the physical printer paper sizes
– Stability improvement in scaling of printed page
– Remove the Avery paper sizes from the internal Print2RDP paper list
(replaced with the improved support of importing paper sizes from printers)
– Stability improvement in paper size calculation
– Stability improvement in shared printer handling
– Stability improvement in logging of MSI installation
– Add Version history file to the MSI install

DATE: 10/22/2010
Version 5.05 (revision: 71)
– Stability improvement in manual release registration
– Stability improvement in demo registration process
– Stability improvement in displaying local printing preferences
– Stability improvement in logging process in MSI Client
– Added new version of the Print2RDP manual

DATE: 10/13/2010 – 10/20/2010
Version 5.05 (revision: 64) – (revision: 70)
– Stability improvement in manual release registration
– Stability improvement in demo registration process
– Stability improvement displaying local printing printing preferences
– Added new version of the Print2RDP manual

DATE: 10/01/2010
Version 5.04 (revision: 60)
– Stability improvement in demo registration process

DATE: 09/16/2010
Version 5.03 (revision: 59)
– Create new ports for communication with Black Ice Software License Server
– Stability improvement when printing to Black Ice printer

DATE: 08/30/2010
Version 5.02 (revision: 52)
– Add tray icon
– Improving printers stability
– Add information to server properties dialog
– Stability improvement for temporary font handling in Adobe Reader
– Simplify manual registration

DATE: 06/17/2010
Version 5.01 (revision: 43)
– Stability improvement in large data printing

DATE: 06/01/2010
Version 5.00 (revision: 37)
– Stability improvement in custom paper sizes

DATE: 05/11/2010
Version 4.97 (revision: 32)
– Improving user session stability
– Improving printers stability
– Add label printer paper sizes
– EMF debug feature added at client side

DATE: 04/02/2010
Version 4.96 (revision: 14)
– Stability improvement for registering fonts at client side
– Add serial number information to the server setup application

DATE: 03/05/2010
Version 4.95
– Improved printing speeds
– Minor anomaly fixes
– Better multiple printer management
– Enhanced connectivity/session control
– Changed the default log file location
– Added refresh license information tab periodically
– supporting Windows 7 & 2008R2 TS operating systems

DATE: 10/19/2009
Version 4.91
– Fix paper size bug in case of printing Microsoft Access

DATE: 08/10/2009
Version 4.90
– Fix font registration bug in case of Adobe printing

DATE: 07/27/2009
Version 4.89
– Fix default printer setting bug on Windows 2003 and 2008
– Fix install bug in Print2RDP client

DATE: 07/10/2009
Version 4.88
– Add session ID to log messages

DATE: 06/10/2009
Version 4.87
– Add “Raster based printing” feature to the Print2RDP client
– Modify licensing dialog
– Update about box of Print2RDP server
– Fix printer adding bug (auto-disconnect bug)
– Fix printer deletion bug in case of reset license
– Fix stuck concurrent licenses

DATE: 05/20/2009
Version 4.86
– Remove “Variable Paper Size” and “Variable Paper Size in Pixels” from printer of Print2RDP
– Fix Adobe “Choose paper source by PDF page size” option bug

DATE: 04/24/2009
Version 4.85
– Fix displaying connection status bug in the Print2RDP Client
Version – Add new property (DEFPRINTER) to MSI install of Print2RDP Client

DATE: 04/21/2009
Version 4.84
– Fix number of copies bug
– Fix default printer setting bug (in case of terminal server user name was changed)
– Fix disconnection bug

DATE: 04/10/2009
Version 4.83
– Fix Reset License bug (kill Print2RDP processes)
– Fix installing printers bug.
– Fix page offset bug.

DATE: 03/15/2009
Version 4.82
– Fix UAC problem in Print2RDP Client

DATE: 11/16/2008
Version 4.81
– Fix setting default printer bug on Windows 2003
– Add “Add as Default Printer in the Session” feature

DATE: 08/19/2008
Version 4.80
– Add version control for licensing

DATE: 07/25/2008
Version 4.7
– Add support Windows Server 2008

DATE: 06/17/2008
Version 4.6
– Add support of ICA Client version 10
– Fix uninstall bug

DATE: 05/09/2008
Version 4.5
– Modify the user interface of the Print2RDP server
– Add connection information to the About box of the Print2RDP client
– Fix “Use Document name” bug
– Fix installing Print2RDP server through remote desktop

DATE: 04/25/2008
Version 4.4
– Delete spool file (.spl) on the server after printing
– Add Windows 2008 (32 and 64-bit) support

DATE: 03/15/2008
Version 4.3
– Add purchase button to About box of the server.
– Add more debug information to log file.
– Modify About boxes
– Fix printing using Adobe temporary fonts
– Fix printing Type1 fonts
– Create MSI install for Active Directory deployment.

DATE: 01/22/2008
Version 4.2
– Fix Windows 2000 terminal server not administrative user bug.

DATE: 06/06/2007
Version 4.1
– Fix licensing bug

DATE: 04/05/2007
Version 4.0
– Printer driver changed from Kernel-Level to User-level
– Add VISTA support to the installer

DATE: 09/01/2006
Version 3.0
– Add Print2RDP Client MSI install

DATE: 08/18/2006
Version 3.0
– Force reboot after installation of RDP server
– Change install default value in the RDP server (default: Client Printer Settings)
– Add “License Upgrade” feature to the RDP server
– Add “Multiple Copies” feature

DATE: 07/13/2006
Version 2.5
– Change product name from ePrintAnywhere to Print2RDP

DATE: 06/13/2006
Version 2.5
– Added reset licensing feature

DATE: 02/28/2006
Version 2.41
– Updated eLicense.dll

DATE: 01/27/2006
Version 2.4
– Fixed a problem saving as PDF format.

DATE: 11/22/2005
Version 2.3
– Added “Retry” button to licensing

DATE: 10/05/2005
Version 2.2
– Fixed problem with licenses remaining in use if users
are disconnecting instead of logging off
– fixed problem with registering the release version
after the demo is uninstalled
– fixed problem with printing using a different paper size
than Letter
– Uses eLicense Server version 3.0

DATE: 08/15/2005
Version 2.1
– Server side printer setup window has been modified
– automated uninstall dll lookup added

DATE: 08/01/2005
Version 2.0
– Released