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Since barcodes are image files, you must be sure to maintain the integrity of the symbol in order to retrieve the information from it. If the barcode is created on an image using the same resolution consistently, then the barcode symbol won’t be stretched or resized and should allow for accurate decoding. If however a file is created at one resolution with a barcode symbol on it and is then printed at a different resolution, this will distort the barcode. If the barcode is created on a 600 DPI image, printed at the same DPI and then faxed, the integrity of the symbol should be maintained. Alternately, adding the barcode symbol to a TIFF files once it has been correctly scaled to faxing DPI (either 204 x 98 or 204 x 196 DPI) and then faxing the TIFF file directly should also maintain the barcode’s integrity.

We recommend creating an image with fax DPI and fax that file directly (if possible, ideal case) or create an image at the same DPI that the file will be printed and then fax the page. The higher the cell size in pixels, the better the chance of decoding the symbol, although this will also result in a larger sized image.

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