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I would like to develop an application for a client; this is the 1st application I have developed using the BlackIce SDK and am having some problems distributing it. I have included all the files listed in your documentation for distribution + the 2 licence files, but still get the error ‘ Unable to Load ActiveX Control’ when I run the executable. My application only uses the BIackice component to merge TIF images as per your sample.

BITiffobj = CreateObject(“BITIFF.BITiffCtrl.1″)
BITiffobj.MergeTiffFiles(OutputFile, TIFImagePath)

If you want to use the BiTiff.ocx in a .NET application the BiTiff.ocx should be registered on the target machine. (Use the regsvr32.exe to register the ActiveX control.) Because the BiTiff.ocx uses the functions of the BiTiff.dll the BiTiff.dll should be the same location as the OCX. The license.dll and dat file is needed to use the ocx. These files are at the same location as the BiTiff.ocx also. Please check these files on your machine.

The .NET generates interop dlls (Interop.BITIFFLib.dll) automatically for communicating with the ActiveX control. This interop dll should be in the same folder when the application is.

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