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Please note that some applications such as Internet Explorer 9 use randomly named temporary fonts or font subsets when printing. These fonts are unregistered from the system once the printing finishes. The EMF standard ( does not specify a way to convert embed fonts into the EMF file. EMF files passed to the printer drivers by the spooler containing these fonts in EMR_COMMENT records as specified by the spool file format (

The EMF files written by the Black Ice Printer Driver also contain these fonts embedded in the EMR_COMMENT records. In order to correctly display these EMF files, these records should be decoded and the fonts should be registered before the EMF file is played back. Unfortunately because these records are not part of the EMF standard, regular EMF viewers ignore them completely and cannot display the EMF file properly without the needed fonts. The text comes out as garbage because the printing application encodes the text and indexes to the font’s glyph table and not ASCII or Unicode text.

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