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While printing an MS Office document (For example; MS Word, Excel, Visio) with one of the Auto-print sample applications, the sample reports one of the “Automation error” messages and skips the input document.
For example:
Error printing c:\AutoPrintService\in\1.ppt: 20: Microsoft Power Point automation error. Error: -2147352567.
Cause of the problem:
This issue is mostly caused that the source/input document is damaged or cannot be opened, therefore the Auto-print cannot print it.
Try to open the problematic MS Office document manually by double clicking on the file and see if it opens properly and if it can be printed from MS Office. If the document is not opened properly, or cannot be printed from MS Office, then the Auto-print samples won’t be able to print it. If the document can be printed from MS Office then please contact technical support with the problematic file attached.