suddenely, none of the printers is a default printer

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suddenely, none of the printers is a default printer

Postby erezl » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:17 pm

sincei installed print2rdp server on terminal server 2003 and print2rdp client on clients, terminal users say that suddenely they see that they can't print because thre is no default printer.
they must set there printer as a default printer to be able to print
this happens several times a day
the strage things is that i saw that sometimes , internal lan users that don't use print2rdp, see a printer that doesn't belong to them and it is set as default.
that printer is "belong" to a custoemer that use print2rdp
i have read that only the owner of the printer will see his printer and it will desapear after he log off from terminal and the situation is not like that
the version of soft is 4.8 (was 4.7 before)
the "problematic" printer that belong to the user that use print2rdp is hp laserjet m2727 mfp and connected to lan (not usb)

please help!!!
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