What does ANSWER_INTERRUPT really mean?

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What does ANSWER_INTERRUPT really mean?

Postby bschriver » Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:15 am

we are using the 4-port version and have a workflow app that we wrote that is having an issue "sometimes" with sending outbound faxes.

To our app incoming is more important than outgoing so we throttle the systems ability to send by limiting it to one at at time. This is done by using an in-use flag in the database for the record being faxed.

Every now and again this process hangs as for some reason, the fax is not sent and we do not get the commands we are expecting. I used the faxspy to look at the log and see what was happening but I do not understand what i am reading. Can someone help me translate what is happeing? Thanks.

During PHASE A -- I receive the following:

This is unusal because I ususally see REV_RING_INTERRUPT on a good sent FAX.

Then in PHASE -- B:
I keep seeing TIMEOUT (like 7 times)

Then it goes immediately to PHASE -- E
Terminate: DIS send without answer
TERMINATE: Command not received

Again, Can anyone explain what this means?
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Re: What does ANSWER_INTERRUPT really mean?

Postby Delphiler » Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:46 am

This site looks like it's gonna be very helpful for people.
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