How to decide FAX has been successfully send or not

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How to decide FAX has been successfully send or not

Post by Pankaj » Fri Jul 14, 2006 4:40 am

I am developing the FAX Server application in VB.NET using black Ice FAX ActiveX Control.
I have gone through SDK Help. In the SDK, Black Ice mention that
Messages should be processed in the following order:
Successful transmission: Dial, ... EndSend, Terminate, Idle.
Unsuccessful transmission: Dial, ... Terminate, EndSend, Idle.
Unsuccessful connection: Dial, ... Idle, Terminate

But I have noticed that, sometimes FAX has not been successfully send but still the sequence of events are : Dial, ... EndSend, Terminate, Idle.
In the above case, termination code does not return 0.

So, I want to know, on which basis, should I decide, FAX has been successfully send or not?
On termination status? i.e. If Termination status is 0 means FAX Successfully sent.

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