Brooktrout TR1034 Installation Instructions (Windows 2003)

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Brooktrout TR1034 Installation Instructions (Windows 2003)

Post by TechnicalSupportTeam » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:01 pm

For those using a Brooktrout TR1034 board, here is a detailed walkthrough on the installation process for using the board with our Fax C++ program. **Note: The Black Ice Installation Utility for Brooktrout boards that has been posted on this forum in the past is no longer needed or supported by the TR1034**

TR1034 Install Process for Windows 2003 Server:

Once you have installed Fax C++ and physically installed the Brooktrout TR1034 card...

1. Go to your MY COMPUTER icon and right-click on it. Select MANAGE.

a. If there is an icon with a yellow question mark listed named "Computer Telephony Device", right-click on it and select "Update Driver"
b. If there is an icon labeled "Brooktrout Hardware", double-click on it to expand the menu. Right click on the TR1034 device if listed and select "Update Driver"
c. If none of the icons listed above are in the DEVICE MANAGER, click on the "Scan for hardware changes" icon in the toolbar (Computer with a Magnifying Glass)

3. When the “Found New Hardware Wizard” appears click “No, not this time” and click NEXT. On the next screen, click “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click NEXT.

4. Check only the “Include this location in the search:” check box and click the BROWSE button.
a. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Black Ice Software Inc\FaxVoiceCpp32\Redist\Brooktrout Drivers\BFAX_TR1000\Driver Files\Winpnp\”. Click OK to close the Browse dialog and click NEXT on the Hardware Update Dialog.
b. If a Security Alert dialog, click Yes. When the Brooktrout Hardware dialog appears click No. Click Finish to complete the installation and Restart your computer.

5. Run the Brooktrout Configuration Utility (C:\Program Files\Black Ice Software Inc\FaxVoiceCpp32\Redist\Brooktrout Drivers\BFAX_TR1000\bin\configtool.exe). If the “Brooktrout Configuration Tool- Preferences” window comes up, Click OK to continue. Click the “Apply” button and apply all settings to your Brooktrout card. Close the Configuration Tool.

6. Your card is now set-up to work with our Fax C++ software.

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