Customizing PDF Printer Installation

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Customizing PDF Printer Installation

Postby ashwin.masarkar » Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:46 pm


We've recently purchased Black Ice PDF Printer license and now would like it to ship with our product installer. We are not sure how exactly to go about it. Can someone please help me?

My requirements are -

1. Silent installation of Black Ice PDF Printer whenever our product is getting installed. If it is already installed, the installer should ignore it.
2. We don't want any kind of Black Ice branding anywhere on the client machine, be it while installation or after installation.
3. Disable the Printing preference option, so that user cannot play with the settings. Can it be done through installation? If not, what are the recommended ways?
4. We got 4 installer suitable for 32/64 Bit and Desktop/Server configurations. Since our product can be installed on any of such machines, how should we ship the Black Ice PDF Printer? Do we have to integrate all the four installers and depending on the machine right driver should be installed?
5. How to let PDF Printer get installed with the preconfigured default settings? I want the PDF Printer should be installed with the settings as per my requirement. I don't want to run a script again to update PDF Printer.
6. Do you provide an InstallShield PRQ (pre-requisites) file?

Please suggest.
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