Problem with Outlook and ColorPlus print Driver

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Problem with Outlook and ColorPlus print Driver

Post by wivenhoe » Tue Jan 24, 2006 5:48 am

We have installed the print driver with an outputdirectory=<<TEMP>>

the System <<temp>> variable points to c:\windows\temp &
the User <<temp>> variable points to c:\documents and settings\username\local settings\temp

It seems that when we print to the blackice print driver through outlook that for 'rich text'/'plain text' messages that they go to the system <<temp>> environment variable and when you print 'html' messages they go to the user <<temp>> variable.

Unfortuneatly, we have different values set for each variable and outlook messages being printed by the system <<temp>> variable and being missed by our post processing application, since the user has no rights to access the c:\windows\temp folder.

Any suggestions? Our user pc's are locked down quite tightly and at the moment, I can't get my IT ops guys to allow a new variable or make a folder on the c: driver writable for me by the users!

All the other applications that print to the blackice driver correctly print to the user <<TEMP>> variable, even word and excel?

So why is outlook different?


Any suggestions?

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