BiEAppNT.exe process does not shut down

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BiEAppNT.exe process does not shut down

Postby TechnicalSupportTeam » Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:54 pm

I have a problem with the EMF printer driver in that we are using the Message Capture OCX and Devmode settings, and find in a particular situation the BiEAppNT.exe process does not shut down.

I have seen the same symptom but with different causes on your support forums, however this case is different so please bear with me. I'm using the latest version (9.71).

What happens is that we have a start application set up to execute when the print job completes. This is used to run our main application. However, we also want to use the printer driver to redirect the output for some other purposes - so we don't want to start our application. To do this, we use the Message Capture OCX. When we receive the ChangeDevmode event, we disable the start application and change the output directory. Simple, and it works! If the user prints to the printer, our application starts. When we print to it, we can redirect the output and disable the start application. Except for one thing. After each job completes, the process BiEAppNT.exe remains in memory (for 4 hours). So each job we redirect spawns a new process and you can end up with hundreds of them.

Can you confirm that this is a bug and if it is possible to resolve it?


The BiEAppNT.exe process remains in memory for 4 hours by design to ensure that the print job is completed before ending the process.

There is a simple walk-around for this issue.
Use the SetApplicationPath method instead of DisableStartApplication method.
If you don't want to start an application set the application path to empty:
BlackIceDEVMODE1.SetApplicationPath "", pDevMode
(Use this in the BiPrnDrv1_ChangeDevmode method)

In this case the BiEAppNT.exe doesn't remain in the memory.
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