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Impact Fax Server - Sending a Fax - Outlook Client
Printing to the Impact Outlook Client printer will
automatically convert any document into a fax and attach it in a New Fax Message.
Open the document or image to be faxed. Print the document or image to be faxed. In Microsoft Word 2007 the print option is in the Office Button ( top left corner ) > Print > Print. Select the Impact Outlook Client printer to fax with the Impact Outlook Fax Client. The Fax Message dialog appears with the printed document or image as attachment. Type the fax number beside To... button. Optionally the user can add an username after the fax number,
separated by a simple space character or click on the button to view contacts from Address Book.
Type any subject beside the Subject. When finished, click on the Send button to send the fax.
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