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Impact Fax Server - Installing Impact Fax Server without Brooktrout
Run the Impact Fax Server installer, and select the Impact Fax Server product to begin the installation. The following screen will be displayed. Click the 'Next' button to continue. Review the license agreement, and press 'Yes' to continue. Select the installation directory of the Fax Server or use the default destination folder. Press 'Next' to continue. Specify the desired name to appear under Start > Programs or use the default settings.
Press 'Next' to continue.
The InstallShield Wizard will install the Impact Fax Server. Impact Fax Server automatically registers the Demo during installation.
Press 'OK' to continue.
The following window appears. Click on the 'Yes' button to register Impact Fax Server as a release.
Otherwise click on the 'No' button to use the Fax Server as demo.
Impact Fax Server install settings window appears.
Enter and confirm a password for the Administrator of Fax Server.
Windows account name and password window appears.
Enter the administrator username and the password of the local computer.
Press 'OK' to continue.
A window appears asking if the user want to install Brooktrout Driver. A brooktrout card is a high-end faxing board.
Select 'No' and press 'Next' to continue.
The following window will appear, and the user can select the desired options and press the 'Next' button to continue. Press Finish to complete the installation.
Thank you for using Impact Fax Server. Click here to see more tutorials.